Picking up the theme about the importance of a loving family for the harmonious maturation of the child, most often first talk about the role of the mother. But the participants of the festival “father’s Day” sure is that without the influence of the fathers full development of children.

This year Ukraine celebrates father’s Day for the sixth time, traditionally on the third Sunday of September. Public and Christian organizations jointly conducted the dramatic events in cities across the country, in the center of Kiev held a family holiday. His goal is to emphasize the importance of the role of the father in the family and society and to support men who are actively involved in the education of their children.
“Strong father, the question of paternity is a matter of national security for each country. If there is no healthy fathers if the fathers don’t take responsibility for his family, my family suffers, society is suffering, and suffering country, — said Vice-President of the Association “Emmanuel” Vitaly Stebenev. — That is why we want to attract the attention of the whole Ukraine to the importance of the role of the father, and to congratulate all the fathers. Wish them to be courageous, to take responsibility for his family.”
Sports and games, workshops, street theatre and performances by actors. Among the organizers — NGO “international center of paternity”, the Association “Emmanuel”, the Alliance “Ukraine without orphans”, the Mission “Ukraine for Christ”, all-Ukrainian public Committee for the support of the family and responsible parenthood.
“We, the men, there was a day when we are rethinking our values, says President of the NGO “international center of paternity” Alexander Marchenko. Biblical basis lay the power in fatherhood. These are the virtues that are preached Christ: loyalty, courage, dedication. If in Ukraine the majority of the fathers will be exactly like that, then most social problems will fade into the background”.
The initiators of the festival say about the study conducted in the United States. It turned out that more than 65% of adolescents who make suicide attempts – are growing up without fathers. 85% of children with antisocial behavior, as 85% of prisoners grew up in homes where no father is physically or he emotionally detached from their children’s lives. As well as in families 70% of prisoners who have committed the most serious crimes. And almost everyone — more than 90% of homeless children and children that are involved runaways, also from families where there were fathers.
Because at the feast and created the conditions to enable parents to spend time with children and understand the importance of their role.
“We (in the country — ed.) many broken families, many grew up without fathers. And, of course, to be a father is difficult, because there is no normal example. I do thank God, because I grew up without a father, but my children grow with me. And it’s great! — says Oleg Nemchenko, a father of two children. — It’s great to feel like a father, to see the children that grow around you who love you. And cherish family, cherish family and friends”.
Parents and children competed painted on the pavement, and looked Robic — the main character of the animated series “Superbook”. At the end of the holiday were released in the sky five thousand bright yellow balloons in honor of responsible fathers. Both large and small participants of the holiday received the task — to tell your fathers words of gratitude for all that they do for them.
“My dad is not perfect, like everyone, but he teaches us to give very much, it very much does for me and for our entire family. For me this is an example of how to be a good parent,” shares Taya Kravchenko.
“My parents unfortunately divorced, but I have a very good relationship with my dad, I can even say that he’s one of my best friends. I love when we are together we can talk about something important, and when I don’t know what to do, he can give me good advice,” says a friend of tai Anna Rakova. Girls dressed in t-shirts with the inscription “I love my dad” they’re here, volunteers help in the celebration.
The event is becoming a tradition, and every year over his organization employs more people. Just so it is useful again to recall the days of childhood, the child will remember as a holiday only when his education will involve the whole family. When it will get as maternal care and paternal support and involvement.

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