In Ukraine in August to begin in the frontline of missionary schools – Your Bible

Mission school “FrontLine” in Slavyansk (Donetsk region, Ukraine), which is engaged in the training of missionaries serving in the frontline cities in the country opened the registration of students at the fourteenth stream.

Classes will begin the fifth of August. The training will last one month. After high school, each group will go to a certain city for an internship for 5 months in order to begin small groups and organize churches, reports Christian megaportal with reference to FrontLineMedia.

The school will be held at the Church “Good News” of the city of Slavyansk with the support of the Association “Emmanuel”, Charity Foundation “save-Ukraine” and the mission “Nehemiah”.

More than three years about 200 missionaries graduates serve victims and low-income people along the demarcation line. Starting in 2015, open 31 mission center. To date, the missionaries created 44 local Church, where a monthly worship is visited by approximately 2 900 members and over 400 new converts were baptized.

“Our goal is to prepare missionaries for future service in front-line cities, which will go to rebuild, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and through the preaching of the gospel to bring hope and healing, was noted at school. — Intensive training and practice will allow each student to test his calling, to obtain important skills for beginning missionary service and will help to create 12 missionary groups of 5 people each”

Four days a week students will attend theoretical classes in 15 subjects. The remaining three days will be practice in the missionary centers on the front lines.

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