In Volhynia the temple of the UOC raiders tried to translate in ptsu

In the village Krasnovolia held a fake “vote” to move to the DNC

A group of activists staged a “camp” in the temple of the UOC, to whom they are not related, and voted for the transition to the PCU.

As the correspondent of the SPM, for Sunday service December 30, came a group of strangers (about 40 people) who do not live in the village and, in the vast majority who are not parishioners of St. Michael Church. Several men, who led the group, went into the temple and immediately after the service said that fees can be arranged. They were so active, that was not even allowed to hold a memorial service the priest ordered one of the parishioners of the community. That woman – the mother of an employee of the APU, as it turned out, is not their argument.

Activists staged a debate with a priest, who warned them that their defilade cancel any court, because under the Charter of the community may initiate charges or the rector, or someone from paralelnogo Council. Immediately, when the discussion moved to higher tones, the priest called the police, as this incident was not the first in the parish: last Sunday here, too, came the activists, who were even knocked out of the hands of the Sexton video camera when he tried to capture what is happening.

According to the congregation’s rector, father Andrew Ginaluca, he does not recognize the decision of “charges” because it did not initiate them and warned said in the temple “guests” that does not bless such events. In addition, the priest found out among activists of the inhabitants of the neighboring village, which has its own Church community.

Previously, as claimed by the activists, they gathered about 300 signatures in the village for the transition to the PCU. Where are these 300 signatories and why are they not here if not in the temple, at least on the charges, remains unknown.

Not arguing the rules, not voting for the President and Secretary of “fees”, not taking the Protocol, the raiders staged a vote “for the transition from the Moscow Church in the Local”. Alternatively, they put the Abbot to the fact that he will be “thrown out of the house.”

Present in the temple, the priests of the UOC tried to explain that the structure in which seek to “supporters of an independent Church,” still exists, and is willing to wait with the decision. However, judging by the speed with which after “fees” in the Volyn mass media there were messages about “transition 90% of the residents Krasnopole in PCU”, with reference to the head of RGA, the fact that “transition” was decided long before this day.

Representatives of the UOC and Church members refused to participate in what is happening, asking them not to turn the Church into a club. The priests said that it was an illegal Assembly not in accordance with the bylaws of the community.

At the same time, it clarifies the correspondent of the SPM, the raiders voted, literally, for the transition is not religious and territorial community of the village Krasnovolia.

Among the funny moments happening in this day in the temple was a question put to the priests of the UOC, why the Primate Metropolitan Onufry was not on the “unification Council”. The priests asked why the activists are not asking these questions to the Baptists, or the Catholic Church, to which they said they always ask “in due time”.

After the meeting, one of the staunch supporters of the Kyiv Patriarchate admitted that he did not know that “this is”, and what about the “fees” she was not warned. On the question of who of the hierarchs of the ptsu is dominated in the region, the woman thought, said “Andrew”.

Previously the Mukachevo eparchy has denied the information on transition of the community of S. Meany in ptsu.

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