In Volyn UOC-KP have a fight over the keys to the temple: police

St. Nicholas Church in the village of Nichohivka

26 January 2019 in Nichohivka the village of Manevychi district, supporters of the UOC-KP/ptsu staged a brawl on the street to prevent the temple Abbot.

In Volhynia there is a power conflict in Nichohivka the village of Manevychi district. Activists of the Kiev Patriarchate initially blocked in the churchyard the rector of the Church, father Taras Bernik, and then took his keys and entered the Church. About it the correspondent of the SPM.

The conflict lasted until dark. The result of jostling the injured woman who broke his head. The Church opened, the priest and faithful of the UOC locked in the yard. The police was filming the video, stating that to intervene has no authority.

According to eyewitnesses of the events, the priest Taras Bernik, the priest of the local St. Nicholas Church, the UOC was in Church at 18:00, as agreed with the community to start Church services. It was not allowed to the room and was surrounded on the street aggressive supporters of the “transition” of the diocese in the PCU, headed by the Dean of the Kyiv Patriarchate and Chairman of the village Council. Forwards do not allow you to enable lighting on-site, at the moment in complete darkness, the confrontation.

After several hours of active opposition to the temple opened and captured.

Recall, the village Nichohivka became the object of raider attacks “PCU”, played by local authorities and the Kyiv Patriarchate in the face of local Dean Andrew Socialscope. In the locality had “charges” on them without the consent of the Abbot and assets of communities of the UOC voted for her “translation” in ptsu.

The village is part of Krasnoselskogo village Council, covering the five towns. This is the second village, which arranged for the capture of the temple with the intervention of local authorities, the previous object of raider attacks – St. Michael’s Church in Krasnovolya has already been captured. As it became known to the SPM, next – tel’chi village in which the raiders are going to capture the temple in honor of the Three hierarchs.

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