In vysoko-Petrovsky monastery will be brought to honor a list of the Tolga icon of the Mother of God

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21 Aug 2018, in celebration of the Tolga icon of the Theotokos — the patronal feast of the Church of the Tolga vysoko-Petrovsky stavropegic monastery of Moscow, the abode will be delivered venerated vysoko-Petrovskiy list of the Tolga icon of the virgin, taken from the monastery in 1920 and since then stored in the vaults of the State historical Museum, reports patriarhiei.

The image will be delivered to the monastery to the 8.20, he will be in the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh. After the solemn meeting of the icon will be divine Liturgy.

Throughout the day Sergius Church will be open for those wishing to worship the relic. The evening of the same day, at 17.00, in the temple of the PDP. Sergius of Radonezh is committed vigil.

At the end of the worship staff of the Museum will tell the pilgrims about the history of the icon.

Media accreditation is conducted by the press service of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery until 12.00, August 20 email [email protected]

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The image of the blessed virgin Mary “Tolga” was written in the eighteenth century, and is a precise list from the Yaroslavl Tolga icon of the Mother of God, miraculously found in the waters of the river Tolga in 1314.

Collegiate the tolgsk icon of the Mother of God was written as the Church’s icon of the Tolga newly built Church in a High-Petrovsky monastery by order of the cousin of the late Emperor, state ladies Anastasia Alexandrovna Naryshkina.

In 1920, this honor list were in the vaults of the State historical Museum, where was all this time. Due to this, she was saved from the destruction suffered by most of the icons of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery.

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In 1980, the icon of the mother of God was restored I. A. Gogoleva. Currently, the image of the virgin “Tolga” of the XVIII century is kept in the vaults of the State historical Museum.

For the third consecutive year to honor a Highly-Petrovsky the list of the Tolga icon of the Mother of God to one day bring to the monastery. April 16, 2016, the icon for the first time in 100 years was taken in High-Petrovsky monastery.

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