“In your life stormed the cancer, but you endured and won” – the children met at the hospital and got married in 25 years

Almost 30 years ago, anxious parents Lindsay and Joel brought them to the children’s oncological hospital “St. Jude”. There they not only were able to beat the cancer, but found the business of life and love.

Lindsay and Joel. Photo: The New York Times

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In 10 years, Lindsey Wilkerson, was diagnosed with “lymphoblastic leukemia”. The girl felt unwell, was lethargic, lost appetite, and her mom scored a panic. “I remember her frightened family, says Dr. Melissa M. Hudson, the first oncologist Lindsay in the hospital “St. Jude” (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital). – She has experienced many UPS and downs in your treatment. She was a strong little girl.”

Lindsay. Photo: stjude.org

Four years earlier, Joel Alsup and his family learned that he had osteosarcoma. “Joel was 7 years old, it became difficult to put a seat belt in the car, but I thought he was just busy, says dad Bob Alsup. – We often threw each other a tennis ball, and I noticed that he extends his left hand. I realized that something was wrong.”

The x-rays the doctors discovered a large tumor that she broke a bone. Joel was treated at “St. Jude”, after which the doctors decided to amputate his right hand. Very soon the boy learned to do everything with his left hand, including playing baseball, basketball and Golf.

Joel. Photo: stjude.org

For the first time Lindsay and Joel was found in 1993 at the event fundraising at the hospital, where they both saved lives. “Our family was invited to share about the experience in the treatment of “Saint Jude” – said Lindsay. I remember what impressed me Joel. He was very nice and with a good sense of humor.”

In subsequent years, young people have crossed with each other: at other hospital events or when their regular examinations passed at one time. They lost contact with each other only when both graduated from high school and enrolled in College: Lindsey received a degree in public relations, and Joel was engaged in television production.

The appearance of their own children it was like an earthquake

“Since 10 years I dreamed of returning to “St. Jude”,” – said Lindsay. While studying she volunteered at the hospital where she was treated. In 2003, she returned here for a “dream job” in Department on communications with patients. Then she got married – her marriage lasted 12 years and it Lindsay had two children: Jacob and Audrey.

“When I became a mother, I began to look at their young patients as his own children, – says Lindsay. – I used to think: “I know what they are going through, I was here.” But when I had my own children, it was like an earthquake, it completely changed my point of view.”

Joel also wanted to return to the “St. Jude”. Now he’s making a video about the patients and how new treatments are saving the lives of patients. “I can’t imagine a greater gift in life. I have the opportunity to give back to the place where he once saved my life, and give hope to families that pass through the treatment now.”

“Children Lindsay at the same age that we do during treatment. To see that they live a normal life, means a lot to us. Now we are even more grateful to our parents and all parents of children with cancer coping with such difficult circumstances,” says Joel.

Lindsay before the wedding ceremony. Photo: The New York Times

I was hoping to see how my son graduated from high school

When Lindsey came to work at the hospital “St. Jude”, their friendship was revived. “We’ve combined the complexity of our situation and how it changed our Outlook on life. We both have a sense of urgency of life, gratitude and desire to give,” says Lindsay.

Photo: The New York Times

They were married September 1 at the hospital, surrounded by 150 guests, many of whom also survived cancer. The ceremony was carried out by Brent Powell, chief chaplain of the Church in the “St Jude”, who knew the newlyweds over 30 years.

“In the days of your youth into your life burst and cancer has changed her, but you endured and overcame him, – he greeted the newlyweds. – You are one of the most loving people I know.”

Photo: The New York Times

“Once I told my friend that maybe one day I will see my son graduated from school, says father Joel. – Dreams of the father embodied in his children. And now 30 years later, Joel is Lindsay, Jacob and Audrey, he has a family. My dreams fulfilled for my son.”

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