In Zhitomir from the basement of Holy cross Cathedral is gonna get mammoth

In Zhytomyr for a mammoth found a more suitable place

Unique mammoth skeleton, kept in the Cathedral of Zhitomir, “preparing to move”.

In Zhytomyr the skeleton of a mammoth, still stored in one of the basements of Holy cross Cathedral, plan to move into the room of the Magistrate, according to

“The exhibit from the Museum of nature, our local mammoth, is located in the basement of Holy cross Cathedral, – said the Director of the Zhytomyr regional Museum Roman Nasonov. – It is in the normal exposure state, preparing to move, it is expected that zhitomiri’ll see him soon”.

However, the exact date is unknown yet.

“To talk about a specific date until they can’t, because there are nuances and we will see him in the Magistrate,” said Roman Nasonov.

Since 1987, at Holy cross Cathedral was a “Museum of nature”, which housed stuffed birds and animals. The skeleton of a mammoth found in the village of Ovruch district Buds, mounted in place of the lower temple.

In 2012, construction began on the new “Museum of nature”, which was intended to transfer the remains of the “Zhytomyr” mammoth, but due to financial problems, the project failed to move forward. Now the new room I hope to obtain in the Zhitomir Magistrate, where, after the repair will place the historic Department of the Museum.

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