In Zhytomyr region spread fake leaflets on behalf of the UOC

Metropolitan Zhytomyr and Novograd Volyn Nicodemus

Fake messages on behalf of Metropolitan Nikodim began to spread on the streets and in temples of the UOC in Zhytomyr on June 24.

Metropolitan Zhytomyr and Novograd Volyn Nicodemus addressed the faithful with the explanation that these leaflets a provocation. This is stated in his message, which provided the life expectancy in the diocese.

“The people who wrote this appeal, sought to provoke in the middle of the Zhytomyr diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the misunderstanding and separation, to sow distrust of the authorities and to get us all distracted from the prayers on Sunday,” writes the Metropolitan Nicodemus in denial.

According to him, we all have to live in a time when Ukraine is dominated by the policy of provocations, the termination of which is not a priority of the society.

“It is obvious that those persons, who were engaged in the distribution of these leaflets, and expect me to answer. They know that contacting law enforcement will not give any result, because this is not the first provocation,” he stressed.

He explains: “Those who earns and distributes on my behalf, this kind of “treatment”, I wish to say the following: trying in vain to discredit me with their provocations. I’m not used to refer to the pastors, monastics and all faithful children of Christ by writing flyers and hanging them on poles. I used to look in the eyes of truth and not ashamed to declare his brothers and sisters: Yes, I am against schism and constantly pray with the whole Church for its overcoming”.

The Bishop also said that “authority in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry, and apply his Holy blessing. The policy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church between Councils, defines the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which I submit, and not going to break nor rest, nor peace nor prayer.”

Fake information on the recognition of EPTS on behalf of the UOC are spreading already over the last few months. Forged editions of the newspaper to create fake information in paper and electronic form to distribute in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd and Ivano-Frankivsk dioceses.

In Kropyvnyts’ke under the guise of the diocesan newspaper is distributed allegedly call the Metropolitan Joasaph to the creation of EPTS in Ukraine. In the Kirovograd diocese called the incident “a gross shameless provocation by opponents of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

From forged releases of the newspaper “Orthodox Carpathian” cautions and Information and publishing Department of the Ivano-Frankivsk diocese, and the diocese of Ovruch said about provocations from lobbyists ETC: Metropolitan Vissarion explained that the diocese has nothing to do with the message in support of EPTS, published on the official website of the diocese on 5 may.


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