In Zurich opened an exhibition about the family of Nicholas II


In the Serbian Church of the Holy Trinity in Zurich opened a photo exhibition entitled “the Romanovs: Royal service”, telling about the family of the last Russian Emperor. The event was organized at the initiative of the local parish Austrian-Swiss diocese of the Serbian Church with the assistance of the Moscow Sretensky monastery.


November 30, after the reading of the akathist before the icon of the Mother of God “three hands” took place the solemn opening, on which the priest Branimir Petkovic and hieromonk Ignaty (Shestakov) spoke about the content of the exhibition and talked about the heroism of the Royal family. It is known that the Serbs have a special love for Tsar Nicholas II, another manifestation of which was the organization of the exhibition.


Sunday December 2, after divine Liturgy in the hall of the parish house was held another meeting, dedicated to the Royal martyrs and Russian-Serbian relations. The pictures tell about the life of the last Russian Emperor, family relationships, sacrifice, and service to the Church and Fatherland of all members of the Romanov family. The exhibition is dedicated to the mournful date of the centenary from the day of the martyrdom of the Royal martyrs.


Of special interest the exhibition aroused the young parishioners of the Serbian Church.

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