Harassment occur not only in the Muslim world. This week, Hindu extremists attacked and tortured 29 Indian Christians for refusing to renounce their faith. This is just one example of the 34% growth in the number of violent attacks on Christians in India over the last three years. Indian Christians are forbidden to hold certain jobs or to spread the Bible.

This week the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi visited USA. Senator James Lankford spoke to “CBN-News” about the visit of modi and have used this opportunity to emphasize the vulnerability of religious minorities in India.

“In several States in India have enacted laws prohibiting conversion. That is not to go from one religion to another, said James Lankford, a Republican Senator from Oklahoma. In some of those areas, especially in rural areas, to harass. We saw burned churches, we have seen there are dead Muslims. That is there is really there’s violence. Of course, attempts to stop him, and I personally met several times and spoke with their Ambassador. We want every person at any point of the globe had the opportunity to practice any religion. And I, like other proponents of the Christian worldview, not afraid of what other people will have the opportunity to practice their faith, until I will be able to practise their”.

Christians are not the only one, who is in India persecution. The followers of Sikhism staged a protest on Capitol hill during the visit of modi. They say he does nothing to stop the brutal persecution of the Sikhs.

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