Indonesian drifting 49 days in the sea, drawing hope from the Bible

19-year-old Indonesian boy was lost at sea for 49 days. But he was able to survive thanks to the one thing that gave him hope.

In the middle of summer during a storm at sea, a strong wind broke the anchor fishing raft Aldi of Adelange. That July night he was suddenly swept into the Pacific ocean.

“When I took to the open sea, first there was no fear, because I thought that I will see some boats and save. But when several weeks went by, I panicked: “what if no one will see me?” — shares of survivors in the middle of the ocean, Aldi Adilang.

After a few days Aldi has run out of water and food. He survived by catching fish and roasting it on the wood that was part of his hut. He drank seawater, filtering it through clothing. Aldi began to despair.

“At night I was terrified, because around my raft floated many sharks. I was afraid I would never see their parents, relatives and friends. I thought I was about to jump into water and commit suicide,” he continues.

On such a raft, Aldi spent 49 days drifting in the ocean without oars or motor. Guy says he was scared and almost gave up. But it also shows that the Bible gave him the determination to live.

“My Bible was with me. I became stronger when I read it. I prayed. And sang worship songs. And when I did, all fear left. God was talking to me. He said, “Be patient. I’ll come and help you” — says Adelung.

After Aldi rescued off the coast of GUAM, he was sent to the family in Indonesia. Together they sing in the Church choir about God’s goodness and faithfulness, which became a reality in their lives.

“God is great. I thank Him for that every day He cares for me. He never abandons us, even in danger,” — says saved the boy.

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