Indonesians live in tents, fearing a new disaster

The people of Indonesia have recently experienced a nightmare — the country was shaken by a horrible earthquake and tsunami. Residual tremors still shake the area, and therefore many live in tents, fearing another massive blow. Despite the danger, the team’s “Operation blessing” to assist and share their hope with the survivors.

Ferman shouted: “Jesus, help. Jesus, help” when mud engulfed his village.

“It’s a miracle. I managed to get out alive,” says he now.

Though there have been many stories about how people miraculously escaped from the earthquake and tsunami, there were thousands who were not saved. One of these tragic stories tied to Fatou. Her husband died during the earthquake. The building in which he worked collapsed.

“Now that he’s dead, I don’t know what to do,” says the woman.

Patna is just one of tens of thousands of people who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami. Many have lost loved ones and their homes and now live in makeshift tents.
Says a community leader, Abdul Latif, food and clean water is what is most needed in the refugee camps. Today the team of “Operation blessing” came to the village Patni to teach them to purify water.

“There are different ways to clean water – not only chlorine. We have a small filtration system and tablets that can be thrown into the water to disinfect it. We are trying to do everything I can to support people in these difficult times,” says Diego Traverso, Director of international disaster response “Operation blessing.”

It will take months before the city will begin to recover. That is why “Operation blessing” will continue to help the survivors, so they can return to normal life.

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