Interview with rapper the GAME: the album “Sputnik”, the success of the gospel through music

To record, to recruit a large number proslushivanii, to offers of cooperation – all in a short period of time. Igor Kosikov known as rapper the GAME said the GOD.NEWS about how 2018-th year was for him a new beginning and also a success after he recorded the album “Satellite”. What inspired a young artist, and how God led him, read our interview.

— Igor, Hello. Lately your work has become known to many. Tell me how did your journey into the world of music?

I remember about 15 years ago was by the group “Point of eternity” at the conference “YUS”. Then the leader of my home group said, “Look, you can do this and that to glorify God.” Looking at them we are inspired by, and have themselves become “read”. Later began to come up with something different, but at the level of the Church and no more.

When we started to invite the clubs on the day of the youth party, we thought that we did there can do? Because just saying, “Jesus, Lord” — I will not go. And when we sent them to our repertoire, we were right, we need something else. We really wanted our music heard by many. At that time I was the leader of our team.

I knew that there must be something more that we need to go to another level. I have always loved worship and wanted the people of the world to feel the spirit that is in us, the anointing. I began to think and to sort out all their creativity. To that anointing that is there to hold in the music. I wanted to get people hearing these words about the truth, felt it. And I began to work closely on this.

We wonder how was born the album “Satellite”. After all, it brought you success.

A year ago, I recorded two songs — “Time to spare” and “Above”. Then I came to “YUS”, met their friends and, of course, talked about his work and gave a listen to the tracks, followed by a good reaction, stating that it “will go”.

I arrived in Ulan-Ude began to go through their texts, I decided to delve deeper and to work specifically in this area. 2018 was my beginning. There was a lot of proclamations of prayer. I felt that this is the beginning of something new. Literally six months later, he released the album called “Sputnik”, it included 7 songs . Before him I released the single “Comet”. I didn’t expect such a reaction. The comet I wrote for trends, based on what you are listening now. And I saw that more than 10,000 people listened to a track on Google Music in one day.

When he released the album, it was clear there — what I want to convey through my art. The Christian track on the album – “Satellite”, he beat “the Comet” instantly. It was an indication that people like what I do. Then we recorded some clips. For the past month will be the release clip, which I do a lot of betting.

— How do you manage to implement the plans and do quality work? For a young artist to achieve this is quite difficult.

It so happened that 6 years ago I received a revelation about what I need to do business. 5 years later it still brings income. I always wondered that if you start to do something, we do it well. For this we need money.

With the album everything turned out spontaneously. I’m not trained for this. I received the revelation that began to come often to the Studio to pay the money. I understand that it is a donation in itself. I think this should bring a 30, 60, and 100 times more.

— Did you expect such a splash when he recorded the album?

Not really. Immediately after six months after I released the album, it turned out that the organizers of the YUS started to look for music. And then in the recommendations flashed my album. They looked, listened, then found me, saw that I was still a Christian. Wrote about wanting to see me on the YUS. I was surprised.

I do essentially the kind of person who doesn’t like to put too high expectations, as they say, then to not be disappointed. Of course, I dream of millions of people. I have a certain vision that I want to move. For example, listening to me, I invite to an evangelistic project, and after its tracks I can tell people about God. I do my work through attraction to their personality, I can bring people to God. Jesus was interesting to many. He wore expensive garments, did wonders. I think that today we need to do something interesting, so you could direct people to Jesus.

— What inspired you when creating the album?

Actually I’m a musician from the age of 7 due to the parents. And my main inspiration is music. If I feel that the music gives you some idea, I’m starting to think about it, make sketches. Of course, a great inspiration to me – my family and friends. Seeing their reaction to the work is also encouraging.

Everyone wants to hear about love, and the track “the Social network” is all about. It’s not just about the second half, but also about the importance of children. Children are our present and future. We have to teach them love, that this love is further extended.

— Tell me about your future plans.

I am preparing a release. I understand that now is the time to release a few songs. There is also present the theme of love to more people was the topic. Through love we say. Because love is God. There are already lots of ready-made material, a lot of interesting. Now I have a lot of plans, there are already proposals, invitations. I’m getting ready. I understand that I not only have to be ready spiritually, but also professionally.

Photo: Igor Kulikov

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