For many decades the term “conflict of generations” has been used to determine the difference in views between children and parents. This applies to culture, politics and relationships. We have found that this applies to Israel. That is why our service introduces modern pastors with a biblical land. During your first visit, these young Ministers will get acquainted with the country and its history.

Founder of “eagle Wings” Robert Stearns is sure that the media often present Israel in a negative light, and the UN and movements such as the BDS call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the state of Israel.

“Very often, at first glance it seems Israel is Goliath and Palestine is David. It is therefore important to come here and see it with my own eyes – says Robert Stearns. – We should look at Israel a new look, to cultivate a new vision, so this trip is very important.”

This includes direct acquaintance with Israel, not through newspaper headlines and other hype.

“Just like me, many people of my generation don’t know what to believe. To understand, really need to see. Coming here, you see the reality. Meet people, communicate with them and begin to understand what’s going on here,” says Nick Serban, a Minister of the Church “Full life.”

Some believe that the generation of the “two thousandth”, or the Millennials must hear the Jewish side of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“Now, when I learned about the history of the Jewish people, spent time with them, I can say that I support Israel. After learning their way, I can’t support them. I figured out what was happening, having been here,” says Christian Aranza from the Church “highlands”.

Rabbi Pini Dunner (synagogue Beverly hills), one of the leading young rabbis of America, joined a group of Evangelical pastors.

“I think that they internalize it. The sooner the Jews realize that they have brothers and friends in the Evangelical world, especially among the growing generation of the Millennium, the higher the probability of success of Israel and the coming of the Messiah,” he says.

Many believe that the best time to visit Israel.

“I would advise everyone to do it, no matter what you sacrifice, whatever is necessary to refuse to make the journey. It will change your life,” says pastor Terrell SNED.

“I have completely opened my eyes to God’s plan for this earth for the Jewish people and Christians. This new partnership will unite us. This is history in action,” says Nick Serban.

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