Is it true that white – dirty and black is not so black as he is painted

“I totally agree with the unbelievers — the thought of what they are asked to believe, may be dizzy. But believers head is not spinning, it’s spinning non-Christians alike. They cling to any extreme of ethics and psychology: beyond the pessimism that denies life, for the pragmatism that denies the mind. They are looking for knowledge in the nightmares and the rules — in contradictions. They scream in fear because they were surrounded by painful ghosts and deafened talk about creepy worlds where twice two is five. Only faith, which at first glance seems unimaginable, remains strong and robust. She alone can tame these delusions, to save the mind from pragmatism and laughter — from puritanical. …Our insanity has retained common sense. It saved it, when everything went crazy. In our crazy house, century after century, people are returning home. And the world cannot understand why such a strict and nasty logic of faith again and again gives me the greatest pleasure”. Excerpt from the book of Gilbert Chesterton “the Everlasting man”.

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To see your house, it is best to stay at home; but if that fails, go around the whole world and return home. In one of my books I told about this trip. Now I want to write another, which (as all the unwritten books) better than anything I’ve wrote so far.

However, it seems to me that I did not intend for it to be taken, and because I use now this way. On the gentle slopes of the valleys — perhaps those where ancient carved white horses — there was a boy who really wanted to find the tomb or statue of a giant. Once he went looking, walked away and saw that his own garden, glittering in the sun, like a bright, multicolor shield, part of a vast body. He just lived on the chest of the giant and didn’t see her, so she was huge and so close.

This is what I think happens to everyone who thinks for himself, and this is the essence of my book.

In other words, I want to say that it is best to see Christianity from the inside; but if you can’t look at it from the outside. Popular detractors of Christianity fails to see. They are, in every sense of the word, I’m still in no man’s land and unsure, even in his doubts. They do not attack directly, but somehow from the side and hitting not important, but our accidental properties — think so common now, anti-clerical chatter.

They reprove the cowardice of the priest, whose sermon cannot be interrupted, and say that he is entrenched in the Department, although not considered a trench newspaper. Neither the journalist nor the priest did not deserve the accusations of cowardice, but journalists still deserve the blame.

The priest is shown us, we have to hit him when he came out of Church; the journalist conceals even often your name. There is no end of articles and letters about the fact that churches are empty but no one bother to come and see whether they or any of them are empty.

Secularists and agnostics have proclaimed universal peace; them and not us struck (at least, was about to strike) all-out war.

If the Church is disgraced by the war, the ark disgraced flood. When the world goes astray, it only proves that the Church of the way is not lost.

It is justified not because we are sinless, but because we are sinful. But so apply now to Church tradition — deny it all.

Well, when the boy lives on earth your father; well, if he moved away and saw his house. But the current of criticism is neither here nor there. They are stuck in the ravine, where you will not see peaks. They cannot be Christians, can’t forget about Christianity. The whole point of them, it’s all about resisting, because they are so dark, unfair, picky. They languish in the shadows of faith, but have lost its light.

Of course, it is best to be so close to our spiritual home, to love him; but if you can’t do it, depart away from him, or you hate it. The best judge of Christianity is a Christian, but following, say, a follower of Confucius. But worst of all is the one who I am especially glad to see the unenlightened Christian, becoming agnostic.

Gilbert Chesterton

It got to the end of the strife, the beginning of which he did not understand, and he’s tired of hearing about what they have not heard. He could not judge Christianity calmly as a supporter of Confucius, or what he would, he judged Confucianism. He can’t Willy imagination to move the Church thousands of miles away, under the strange skies of the East, and to judge it impartially as a pagoda.

They say that Saint Francis Xavier had failed to build in those parts of the Church, who is exalted above all pagodas, partly because other missionaries asserted that he and his aides portray the apostles in Chinese. But it is much better to see in them Chinese than faceless idols or figures in the dash, which can shoot empty-headed citizen.

It is better to see in Christianity a foreign, Asiatic cult, the Mithras of the Bishop — a strange headdress bosses, staff — Izvestiya a snake scepter, rosary — prayer wheel. At least we are not enraged, as skeptics, and will not pagepeel as they are. Their dislike of the priesthood was the atmosphere, the irresistible atmosphere of hostility. In comparison, it would be better to see the Church on another continent or on another planet.

It would be wiser to quietly look at bosses than annoyed grumbling at the bishops. Better go past the Church, past the pagoda, than to trample on the threshold, not daring any to come in and help or leave and forget. Those who are haunted by the aversion to my faith, I sincerely advise you to see the apostles in Chinese, in other words, to judge of the Christian saints just as true as the pagan sages.

Now we come to the main point. I will try to show in this book that if we see the Church from the outside, we find, as it is similar to what is said about it from the inside. When the boy will go far, he will be convinced that the giant is very large. When will we see the Christian Church under the distant sky, we verify that this is the Church of Christ.

Anyway, as soon as we will be impartial, we understand why it is treated with such prejudice. This is to talk a little bit more.

I realized that the story of God is unique, and immediately after that realized that a unique and novel about a man that led to it. Christianity is striking, if you honestly compare it with other religions; likewise, amazes people when compared with nature.

Most modern scientists Excel in sophistry to soften the transition from animal to human and no less abrupt transition from paganism to Christianity. The more we learn about these transitions, the sharper and more striking they become to us. Scientists do not see them because we are biased, because they do not want to see the difference between black and white.

Yielding to the chagrin and protest, they prove that the white is dirty and black is not so black as he is painted. I do not mean to say that protest for no reason; I’m not saying that the position of these scientists is incomprehensible and unforgivable, I’m just saying that it is far from scientific objectivity. We can say that the Iconoclast — furious, we can say that he in righteous anger, but we can hardly say that he is impartial.

Just out of pure hypocrisy can be accused of impartiality, the vast majority of proponents of evolution, whistleblowers Christianity and authority on comparative study of religions. And how can they be impartial, how can there be equality when the whole world is arguing a life-and-death about how great any hope leads us, or confuses a silly superstition?

I’m not going to be impartial, but I’ll try to be bespristrastno than they are. I would hesitate to talk about the Dalai Lama the nonsense that they are about the Pope or blame Julian the Apostate, as they blamed the Jesuits. Scientists are not impartial, they do not observe even the rules of scientists, and especially biased they are when prefer a fast change slow, gradual change.

They see everywhere, like gathering twilight, because we believe that this is the twilight of the gods. Don’t know, but I dare to suggest that they do not see the light of day, in which people live.

I would argue that in day light the only absolutely, with nothing similar animal that is called man, and the Man who is called Christ. So I divided the book into two parts — about people, while they were pagans, and how they have changed, when we become Christians. And for the first part and the second needed a special method; it is not easy to apply, even harder to define and defend.

To become impartial in common, the only true sense of the word, have to see it again. We see honestly, when seeing for the first time. That’s why, I will say in passing, to children is not difficult to accept the tenets of the Church.

But the Church, so successfully help to work and to fight, designed for adults, not just children. For business use it has many of the usual, there is a tradition, even routine. Until a person honestly feels its essence, it does not bring harm.

But when he disbelieved in the main, it is necessary to return him to the nursery and ease the children’s surprise, the realism, the objectivity, which is not without innocence. Let us seek to do this, and if we fail, we try at least to see how crazy, how insane what we want to show him. All may be simple and familiar when it comes to love, but not to neglect!

Whatever our attitude to what we shall speak, this should not be neglected. If you neglect, if you despise it, you are in error. So you can see everything as it is, it is necessary to awaken wildest fantasy.

This will become clearer if I refer to something — no, everything that I consider beautiful or wonderful. George Wyndham told me that he saw rose one of the first airplanes, and it was wonderful, although not wonderful horse, which gave man to sit on top of yourself.

Someone said that the man on the horse is the most beautiful sight in the world. While we feel it, all right. Easier and better just to feel it if you taught me to love animals. The boy, remembering how well her father went on horseback and how well the horse is treated, knows that the horse and the man can get along with.

He was troubled when hurt the horse, because he knows how to handle it; but do not be surprised that the man mounts her. He won’t listen to modern philosophers who tell him that the horse must have saddle man; do not succumb to the bleak fiction of swift and does not believe that people is vile monkeys and horses — bright gods.

The horse and the man together, the good and wise for him, and therefore can be the symbol of something higher, say St. George. The tale of a winged horse, it will not surprise; and he will understand why Ariosto Christian knights galloping through the skies.

But if a person has lost the surprise it must be treated quite differently. Assume that a rider on a horse means no more than the person sitting on the chair. Beauty that saw Windham, — the beauty of the equestrian statue, the beauty of the knight was his ordinary and boring.

He thinks she was the only fashion, and now went out of fashion; and maybe he’s just tired of her fake praise or of heavy horse. Whatever the reason, he was blind and could not see any horse, any rider, until they seem completely alien to him, as if they came from another planet.

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Then out of the dark woods, at the dawn of time, we were clumsy and could easily be an astonishing creation, and we will see for the first time disproportionately small head too long, too thick neck like a Chimera on the tube, and mane-like beard, who grew up in the wrong place, and sturdy legs with solid, not cloven hoof.

This creature can be called a monster, because such light is no more, but the main thing here is different: if we see it as did the first people, we can better understand how difficult it was to travel. Let it not like us, but will strike — certainly; will strike and the two-legged dwarf, who conquered it. A long circuitous route we return to the miracle of horse and man, and it is, if it is possible, will be even more wonderful. We will see St. George, which was more daring, for rides on the dragon.

This is just an example, I don’t want to say that the monster of the first people to actually or better than the usual ordinary mares in the stall of an ordinary man who does not see in it anything surprising. If I had to choose, I will choose this extreme, simple and good look. But the truth is — in these extremes, it is not in the misty period of fatigue, habits of neglect.

It is better to see a horse monster than a cheap and slow car. The one who has come to this, it is useful to be scared.

The same can be said about monster — man. Of course, it is best to see him like seeing my teaching. Every Christian is sure that the Christian attitude to human nature wisely and sensibly. But if we lost, we will only bizarre vision — a strange, strange animal. Who saw the monster in horses admire the prowess of the rider; saw how a strange man, surprised the ways of the Lord.

In short, we understand that man is not an animal, if you look at it like an animal. All roads lead to Rome, for health and wisdom can come through the country of fairy tales and nonsense, although it would be better not to leave the edge of the Tradition where people on horses, the hunter before the Lord.

Similarly, we must relieve the burden of familiarity, when we are talking about Christianity. It is almost impossible to revive what is too familiar, because we, fallen people, tired, getting used.

If we could tell about Christ as the hero of the Chinese myth, calling It a Son of the Sun, not the Son of God and laying out the Shine of gold thread of Chinese embroideries or the gold Chinese lacquers, all would be amazed of the purity and elevation of my story.

No one would not say a word about the unfairness of intercession, or of the violation of the laws of nature.

All admired the subtlety and depth of those who realized that our true evil cries out to heaven. All admired the hidden wisdom of those who know that the laws of the universe above the laws, we believe any Indian conjurer, who wanted to talk to us like that. If Christianity was a new Oriental fashion, no one would have called it an outdated Eastern faith.

I’m not like Francis Xavier, to put the apostles tangerines. I’m not going, though it’s useful and fun to retell the gospel and the history of the Church as a pagan myth, sarcastically noting that in this case, it will be appreciated. But I’m going where I can, to emphasize the novelty and singularity, for even such serious things, you can draw strange and bizarre.

I want the reader to be looked at from the outside, from afar, from the outside, for then he sees Christianity on the background of history and humanity on the background of nature — not vague, like a painting by impressionist and clear, like a shield.

Like a white lion in a red field or red cross in the green man shines on the greenery of the world, Christ is on the red clay of the family of Adam.

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