ISIS has claimed responsibility for the recent terrorist attack in Paris. It happened in the city centre on the eve of elections of the President of France. One policeman was killed and two others wounded.

The attack occurred just after nine o’clock in the center of Paris. Armed with a gun man approached the police car and opened fire.

“I saw three guys drove up in a green Audi and began firing at police, killing one of them and injuring the other, after which I had to escape. I worked here in the Elysian fields,” — says a witness of the incident Alex Fofana.

The shooter killed one COP and seriously wounded two, before other militiamen have killed him. In addition, was injured one tourist.

ISIL has claimed responsibility, and may have been directly involved in the attack, and not merely inspired the attackers. French authorities report that the suspect was detained in February because of the threat of the police, but were later released. At night, the police searched his home in East Paris.

The President of the United States Donald trump condemned the attack: “Our condolences from our country people of France. Looks like another terrorist attack… what can I say?”

The attack occurred a few days before the first round of presidential elections in France on Sunday. Some believe that it plays into the hands of the extreme right candidate marine Le Pen, which firmly stands on immigration and terrorism. The attack revealed the remaining threats in France and other European countries, and this can lead to increased pressure from the public authorities that they were done with Islamic terrorism.

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