The topic of information security will be part of the negotiations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President trump. Trump is planning a complete upgrade of the information security system in America, and Israel could play an important role in the implementation of this plan.

Israel is one of the most developed countries in the world in the protection of information.

“Israel takes leading role in data protection. And we can take advantage of the help that you will receive”, — says adviser to the President on cybersecurity Rudy Giuliani.

Head of the Israeli national Bureau of information security Dr. Arafat Matania says there are three reasons: “First – our need for emotional protection. It is safe in General, says Dr. Matania. The second is our high — tech industry. And third – our security agencies.”

Matania spoke with CBN News in tel Aviv during one of the world’s largest industry conferences for the protection of information — CYBER TECH 2017.

He explains that the main challenge is that the information space has no borders: “We say, for example, on national power grids, transportation, airplanes, transportation and banking and financial sectors, or about half of all systems. Whenever you use the computer system, they can be in the hands of bad people,” says Arafat Matania.

Adviser to the President on cybersecurity trump, Rudy Giuliani, argues that while the United States had not entered the war for information: “I don’t think it will be proclaimed or long war, but for various reasons there is a lot of cyber attacks. And we are also worried about cyber attacks on US from terrorists, not only those countries,” he says.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to discuss information security issues at the meeting with President trump.

“The Internet of things can be captured to implement the purposes of threat and it can have bad consequences. Again, what you see today may significantly worsen in the future if we do not unite our efforts,” says Benjamin Netanyahu.

Consultant on cybersecurity Haim Tomer – former intelligence chief in the Israeli Masada. He is confident that the need to improve international cooperation: “We are increasingly aware of the need to be able to protect themselves. After September 11 we needed such a Wake-up call to understand what you need to do much more to protect Western civilization.”

The Internet has everything, ranging from smart devices such as refrigerators that are associated with shopping and ending with telemedicine and so on.

“The biggest challenge for humanity will be the “Internet of things,” says Eris Krainer, former Director of the Israeli office of cyber security. He talks about the stunning scenario of the dark side of this technology: “And now think that you are driving your car and suddenly you hear from the video: “I – John, the bad guy, and I broke into your car. And if you don’t transfer money to my account, look what I can do.” And then he increases speed and then stops your car…”

Currently, our task is to learn how to stop the bad guys before they begin to cause problems in the West and the rest of the world.

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