Evangelical Christians in America decisively voted for President trump. One of the reasons was his promise to restore America’s relationship with Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington this week. It becomes clear that Israel has a strong ally in the White house.

On Wednesday revived friendship melted all the ice of winter in the White house. After several years of tensions with the Obama administration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the President trump their key partner.

“I have long known the President know his family and his team. The Jewish people and the Jewish state has no greater ally than President Donald trump,” — said at a press conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But work remains on key issues, the first of which is to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

“As in any successful negotiation, both parties should be willing to compromise. You do know that?” asked the President of the United States Donald trump.

In comments that will surely bring the wrath of the Palestinian leaders, trump said that “the formula of two States” is not a prerequisite for peace.

“I am considering the “two States” as well as “one state”, and I will like one that satisfies both sides, he said. I would be happy for any solution that will appeal to both parties. Me any satisfy.”

Netanyahu insists that the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist, before we move to any peaceful solution.

“Ask yourself: why are Jews called Jews? The Chinese are called Chinese, because it comes from China. Japanese people are called Japanese, because it comes from Japan. And the Jews are called Jews, because they came from Judea. This is our ancestral home. The Jews are foreign colonialists, the Jews,” — said the Prime Minister of Israel.

While Netanyahu is trying to push the thorny issue of the so-called settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan river. But the White house believes this is not the best step towards achieving a peace agreement.

“As for settlements, I would like that you slowed down this process. Sure we can work something out. I would like to achieve a conclude a particular transaction. I think everything will come to an agreement,” said Donald trump during a press conference, answering journalists ‘ questions.

“We’ll try,” replied Netanyahu.

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