Israel will host the second Jerusalem prayer Breakfast

5-7 June in Israel for the second time host of the Jerusalem prayer Breakfast (Prayer Breakfast Jerusalem, JPB).

For prayer about the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel and Jerusalem will gather political and Christian leaders from different countries.

“The event already has attracted more than 40 Ministers and deputies from Finland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Benin, Ukraine, India and other countries. Also involved the Governor of Kentucky, and several representatives and senators from Indiana” — said GOD.NEWS albert Wexler, coordinator of the Jerusalem prayer Breakfast.

According to him, this year the number of participants has grown. It is expected about 700 delegates from 64 countries.

The official part of the event will start on June 6 with a reception at the Knesset and a meeting with the President. Prayer Breakfast will be held June 7 at the “Orient”. Also on this day will be a forum where you can participate all the delegates.

“Pray that God visited this meeting and that all participants have experienced God’s visit. Pray also for the device, and that the organizers had the grace to accomplish their tasks,” added Wexler.

Every year the Jerusalem prayer Breakfast brings together government and influential Christian leaders from different countries to pray for peace in Jerusalem. First Breakfast, coordinated by albert Wexler, was first held in 2017. It was attended by 570 delegates from 58 countries.


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