Israeli archaeologists believe they have discovered new evidence about the reign of Hezekiah. According to them, the find confirms the biblical story that this king destroyed the height and idols in the land of Israel.

Recent discovery by Israeli archaeologists dated to the First temple period, about 800 BC. They say that the finding is consistent with the description in the Bible of the days of king Hezekiah.

Hezekiah reigned 29 years in Jerusalem, and the Scripture says that “he did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord,” so that “a man like that never happened among all the kings of Judah after him, and before him.” But Hezekiah was faced with the problems in his Kingdom.

During recent excavations at Lachish, a National Park in Central Israel, was discovered “gate”.

“In biblical times, city gates were the place, which was the most important,” says archaeologist Saar Ganor.

He also says that ancient Lachish was an important city second only to Jerusalem.

“The wall we found many seats with white plaster, with arms, to sit,” he continues.

The elders, judges and kings met in the administrative headquarters. Found buckets, jugs and knobs also indicate the Royal and administrative goal.

“We found a lot of pitchers, jugs the so-called “Le-Melech”. This means that they belonged to the king,” says the archaeologist.

Other finds indicate the presence of cults and that Hezekiah with them fought relentlessly. In particular, it was discovered two “horned” altar, with cut off horns. In the Fourth book of kings 18:4 says that Hezekiah “canceled height, smashed the statues, and cut down the grove”.

The archaeologists mentioned another landmark, and at the same time a fun subject that era.

“In this place we waited for a special find — the toilet. A cube with a hole in the middle,” says Saar Ganor.

In the Fourth book of kings also says that Jehu “of Baal and demolished the house of Baal” and “made it a place of filth, to this day.”

“The first time we were able to determine that described in the Bible happened at Lachish, using the toilet,” — said the archaeologist.

These findings prove the truth of what the Bible says about the Affairs of Hezekiah.

“When you cut down a horn, overturned the place of worship at the gate and installed a toilet the place has become impure,” continued the archaeologist.

In one of the places unearthed a layer of a width exceeding thirty inches and found arrowheads and sling, which, according to Ganor, confirms the conquest of the Assyrian king Sennacherib.

“It’s like taking the Bible in hand, says Saar Ganor, and adds that the Bible, however, is self-sufficient. — We don’t need to “prove” the Bible. Is the Bible, and there is archaeology. If they match, then match. In our case, they match,” — says the archaeologist.

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