Israeli children are making a journey to Jewish places of Ukraine – Your Bible

Schoolgirls of the senior classes of the school “Beit Rivka” (Kfar Chabad, Israel) on vacation making a trip to Jewish places of Ukraine. His journey they began with the Jewish communities of the Dnieper river as a symbol of Jewish revival in the former Soviet Union, reports ”Religion in Ukraine” with reference to the website of the Dnieper Jewish community.

Schoolgirls shocked the menorah center and the scale of Jewish life in the river. About the history and present of the community told them the chief Rabbi of the Dnieper and the region Shmuel Kaminezki. “The girls are in complete awe of our city, from his community, they liked the menorah and the view from her roof, many have not even imagined that such a thing is possible,” said Ayala, Kurzweil accompanying the group.

After the Dnieper, the children went on the big trip they will visit the city, Nezhin, Annopol, Medzhibozh and Berdichev – city associated with the names of the great Jewish sages. “Girls it was just history lessons, stories of a distant land, and now they can see with their own eyes, where the appearance and formation of Hasidism and to visit the graves of great tzaddikim – said Ayala, Kurzweil – such trips are very important for Jewish identity, but it is equally important that when visiting the city with a great past, they will remember the Dnieper – the city where Jewish life has a wonderful present and I’m sure wonderful future.”

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