It all came together: a prize in 500 thousand and this sick girl

What is revolutionary is happening in dentistry today, is it possible to develop science in the regions, there is justified “dental tourism”, why the doctor went from Krasnodar and why all two awards gave to help sick children – Oleg Tsymbalov says “Pravmiru”.

Oleg Vladimirovich Tsymbalov, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. Photo:

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My first surgery dentist Oleg Tsymbalov held thirty years ago. He is now in charge of the surgical Department of the regional dental clinic, teaches at Kuban medical University.

In 2016, the Professor won the first prize in the national contest “doctor of the year” in the nomination “the Best stomatologist”. Its the state prize of half a million rubles Oleg Tsymbalov immediately transferred to the charity Fund “the land of kindness” – to treat six-year-old Rita with acute lymphoblastic leukemia required an expensive drug.

A year later he was awarded a prize in hundred thousand roubles for a new book and, without hesitation, gave it again to the Fund – for the rehabilitation of the 4-year-old Ian with brain damage, because of which the boy could not speak.

I thought that benefactors are aliens from other worlds

– Oleg Volodymyrovich, what you need to do to become the best dentist in the country?

Honestly to tell you, I never knew there was such an honour, so I can not say how to achieve it (blushes). I’ve only been asked to apply for the competition “the Best dentist region”, prepared, sent.

It took quite a long time, my wife and I are going to the wedding of our surgeon, and suddenly a call from the Ministry saying: “Congratulations!” Craw caught his breath from this news. His wife, too, was stunned. Come to the wedding, told surgeons. Discussion topics increased.

Oleg Tsymbalov

– Why did you decide the entire prize to give to charity?

– Well, no one recommended, and especially not forced… Just when he became laureate, was doubly surprised that the diploma of the first degree also provides a fairly large amount of 500 thousand rubles. I was aware that it is not the money saved, not the result of some planned and successfully implemented project, even long-term. These large and somewhat unexpected, the money could not be obtained. In the end, the prize is the material equivalent of my results to improve the quality of treatment of patients. But for this I was awarded the title of “Best doctor of Russia”, which for me is a very big honor. Therefore, in the soul spun the idea that for some, these money can be literally vital.

And I called the head of our regional charity Fund Jana Storozhuk and learned that one girl with lymphoblastic leukemia in urgent need of a new drug from Germany, because other medications her body is no longer perceived. There was a risk that she will die whether from leukemia or from pharmacological side effects, and the cost of the medicine you need is just the premium amount.

All at once in a single mosaic has developed a whistle-to-whistle: and 500 thousand, and this girl. And already at that time the decision was not on some intuitive level, I already knew that she was going to live, if there is money, and they’re still there, here! So I decided to give the money.

– What was the reaction of colleagues, acquaintances?

– To my surprise, everything was understood by this act, and the family, and at work.

Rita. Photo:

– A year later, you again received the award and again gave it to the Fund. How did this happen?

– The fact that I have published a book “Dental implants in periodontal disease”, she became famous and of interest to specialists at the national level. For the importance of the conducted researches and obtained results for the theory and practice of dentistry, I was awarded the award of administration of Krasnodar territory and a cash amount of 100 thousand rubles.

And at the time I did not have any mosaic. We immediately phoned the Manager of the Fund, and again there was a child who required this amount for treatment.

– And why were there no other options where to spend the amount?

– No options as the time was, but I chose the one that was chosen. And part of how he was right time has proved it. Girl Rita survived. Not long ago I watched a report about it, lives, plays and develops so healthy and pretty already. And when we met, she was after chemotherapy, a small, thin, without hair.

– Tell me about your meeting!

– When he came to the drug and was over the course of treatment, I was invited to Rita’s. And we have a children’s hospital near the clinic where I work. We met and talked, the mother thanked me, cried, I left. That is all well – she left to live.

Rita after treatment. Photo:

– So they cried?

– Well, Yes, it is. But not from grief.

– You are happy, that helped to save her?

– I’m not glad that I helped to save her, and immensely glad that she survived!

The chain of “learn – do – recover – stay alive” all realized. You know, money come and go, but human life remains.

So I had no doubt what to do with the second prize.

– Now you called a benefactor?

You know, I always admired those people who can commit such acts, always thought it was some aliens, people from other worlds. (Smiles.) And I think charities are just there to help people in difficult situations, sometimes literally when you need emergency treatment.

New year’s eve. Charity Foundation “Territory of Goodness.” Photo: Facebook / Oleg Tsymbalov

But if the expression “charity” is addressed to me, then… it somehow jarring, maybe my generation is not so little educated. It seems to me that the expression, “man, that doeth good” sounds more sympathetic. But of course, no one on the street the finger does not show that “there is a benefactor” (smiles).

– In your opinion, what charity is harder – when you have to spend your time or money?

– I think the first and the second option is good. While some believe that giving money, the person is not sincere. But it is completely wrong attitude, because in any case the person does it for free, it would still help. And if we talk cynically, to earn this amount of money, some of which you can give takes little time. Similarly, no worse than to dedicate their free time to help take care of the courtship. For me both are important, just as all forms of charity.


When I started, the doctors told me that the best gold crowns nothing

– Going to the dentist is still human stress and one of the most frightening class?

– All the fears, the tension, the struggle with yourself, to force yourself to go to the dentist – a fear of childhood. Once a person was hurt at a reception at the dentist. By the way, I was lucky: no negative memories gone, but the 60-ies of any technological innovation in dental offices be able to talk!

Now, of course, this is not, dentistry is a revolutionary way of development.

Today’s young people are mostly deprived of these fears and, on the contrary, are already demanding: “give me rhinestones, correct bite, etc.”

Although it happens that children, and even adults away from the office.

– What is so revolutionary is happening in dentistry?

– From the point of view of technologies, I would compare dentistry with cardiology, transplantation, genetic engineering, molecular biology. All very quickly learned and used. Already many clinics in Russia on the level of equipment and the extent of tasks is comparable with well-known foreign hospitals.

A unique filling and dental impression materials, treatment under a microscope, digital technologies, using internal and wheretofore scan, making crowns and inlays on the machines in the digital data, the planning of dental implants, when one can foresee the end result.

When I started working, was very popular steel and gold crowns and only began to appear cermet, but the experts said it was not a very good product – difficult to do, you have much to grind your teeth – the best gold. And who is now a gold set? For all standard – white beautiful smile.

I love this and think that all new technology will definitely take root in the clinics. But we should not forget that all of the above reflects only new technical solutions and materials, and in fact it is craftsmanship of the highest level. No one has canceled the ability to listen to the patient, using new psychological development, the need for deep and broad theoretical and clinical knowledge doctor, great experience.


Only in aggregate can achieve high quality treatment outcomes. Now a new direction – long-term cooperation with the patient, that he was a partner in the treatment process, everyone understood and anticipated the result, of course, if we are not talking about urgent, emergency conditions.

– What’s that in dentistry you are trying to solve?

For me one of the problems is the lack of ideal bone-plastic material, and my colleagues and I are currently working on a story of a series of biochemists, which could arrive at the appropriate parameters for price, quality, safety, durability, etc. to Speak about the results, and the more success sooner, but work is being done.

– And why did you choose this profession?

He tried to answer, but couldn’t. For someone choosing a specialty is due to living example, but in our family, even among the most distant relatives, never had any dentist. Where did the desire – is unclear. While in high school, graduated from all-Union correspondence school for math, school was a prize-winner of various competitions – municipal, regional physics, chemistry, mathematics.

However, in 9th grade was already pretty sure that I would become a dentist, went to the preparatory courses at the Institute. And remember, when he came to the admissions office of medical school and brought the whole stack of letters – then they needed to show – I said, “Young man, you are not wrong institution?” (smiles). It did not seem wrong.

– Remember your first surgery?

It was 1982 when I was still a student. Twice a month has passed scientific circle, one class came up with the theory, while the second was assisted in a clinic or hospital. And then I found myself in the operating room. Manipulations that did the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, the view of the sleeping patient – all very impressed, and then I decided that I would become not just a dentist, and oral surgeon.

Oleg Tsymbalov

Sometimes the operations last more than 9 hours

– It is believed that the dental surgery is not as dramatic compared to, say, abdominal surgery. And often found the phrase “dental service”. How do you feel about that?

Yeah, some perceive dentistry as a discipline is not particularly important, sorry. Before, when I was studying, for me it was the Holy Ghost and understand the expression “medical aid”. But in the 2000’s emerged the concept of “medical service”, akin to service in a barbershop, service station and so on. From my point of view, the concept of “service” differs significantly from the concept of “treatment” is not quite right, but as it is…

Of course, in dentistry, the mortality rate is low, but there is another side interventions about which little is said, and probably good not to cultivate fear. For example, there is a possibility of facial nerve injury, due to which the person becomes a social cripple, lose speech, lose the ability to eat and communicate with people. And another question – which is more dramatic: losing part of the bowel or be a social outcast? And this is just one example.

– And what factors influence these consequences?

– Most errors are not associated with the level of skill of the surgeon. They can occur when atypical, individual characteristics of the patient. When multi-step operation, the risk is always higher. But constantly developed a number of diagnostic methods that help the surgeon in the prevention of complications, and these risks are discussed at the planning stage, and the decision rests with the patient. He must sign his voluntary informed consent.

– Relevant to many question: what anesthesia is better – General or local?

– The doctor, of course, easier to anesthesia – the patient sleeping quietly, and the doctor working, but if the risk of anesthesia outweighs the risk to the health of the patient, in the end, the decision is made by the anesthesiologist. For example, the patient has an extensive phlegmon with the capture of deep space, which poses a threat to life, and, of course, talking about the fact whether to do General anesthesia, is not. In some cases the tooth is removed under General anesthesia, but this is more often a psychological problem.

You should always choose those solutions that in the least negative will impact on the patient and this will bring the most effective results. But it is not always smooth, there’s impromptus.

Photo: Facebook / Oleg Tsymbalov

– Your operation – many?

Hospital some operations, such as bone reconstruction, tumor removal with simultaneous plasticity, sometimes for more than 9 hours. At the surgery complex surgery can last 4-6 hours, but it is rare.

For about 10 years I’m not aware of in the hospital – only to outpatient surgery, but as a Professor and head of the Department often advises patients with complex disorders at the request of our surgeons and patients, and participate in operations as a second surgeon. But it’s nothing compared to the amount of administrative work.

Dental tourism: results may not hold

– You didn’t want to go somewhere from Krasnodar, the capital, for example?

– There were a lot of serious suggestions associated with changing residence, including abroad: Europe, America. But for some reason always at that time were priority reasons to stay, and maybe, I considered, to nowhere to go. And I am very happy that the move did not happen.

– Why happy?

– I love the climate in which they live and work, those people who surround me… Yes, even the grave of her mother, if you leave, who’s going to watch her?

And if we talk about the possibilities to study science and technology, I see no reason not to do these things here. Yes, maybe one or the other technology will be implemented a month later than in the capital, but that does not happen. And to invent something new in any place.

– What about the level of equipment and funding in the capitals certainly much higher?

Of course, the level of equipment research and development facilities in Moscow and St. Petersburg is much higher than in Krasnodar. But take, for example, Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk – already a controversial issue.

And we need to understand that medicine and dentistry as its component part is an applied science, and it aims – to some idea, grounded in theory, have been either rejected or are embodied in health care. So, to say that everything is bad in the periphery, is unfair and unreasonable. And I think that all depends on the person: that he thought of something, and then how to it is important to solve this problem.

Photo: Facebook / Oleg Tsymbalov

Given that prices in the regions below, people go to be treated there. In your opinion, justified if dental tourism?

– Financially it’s probably justified. And even, for example, patients come from Europe to Russia to treat the teeth, because a priori, European dental prices certainly higher than Russian due to objective reasons. Coming from America, France, Norway, Poland and Asian countries, but the geography it is absolutely not indicative.

But within Russia, the price of dental services depends on region, but mainly from the quality of care provided, the level of technical equipment and technological approaches. Therefore, if the “dental tourist” couldn’t care less, then why not.

In addition, sometimes for a variety of reasons the results may not arrange or something happens after the fact. And then “dental tourism” in transformirovalsya living far away dentist.

If we add even the most basic factor of the many existing – level of hygiene of the oral cavity, which largely affects the durability of dental treatment – who, how and when to control it dynamically after “dental tourism”? However, if there is demand, there is supply.

– Is it true that you have a “dental” family?

– My wife is a dental therapist, have three sons. The youngest is still in school. The average student in internship in surgical dentistry. The senior completed his residency, working as a dentist, orthodontist and surgeon. Both work for me in the surgical Department. Can’t say that they chose this profession on his own. But as they say, “per aspera ad astra” – “through thorns to the stars”. It seems to me that while they are quite satisfied with your choice.

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