It is better to choose persecution, than the betrayal of the Church, the Hierarch of the UOC

Metropolitan Tulchin and Bratslav Jonathan (Yeletsky)

Metropolitan Jonathan (Yeletsky) summoned the clergy and laity of the diocese Tulchinsky try to strike splits its unity and vitality.

The ruling Bishop Tulchinsky and Bratslav diocese of the Metropolitan Jonathan (Yeletsky) appealed to the clergy and laity, urging them to remain faithful to Christ and the Church, reported the website “Sobrati bored”.

Bishop Jonathan reminded that the Church already had to endure the slander and harassment during the persecution from the Soviet authorities, but she survived.

“Dear co-pastors, brothers and sisters! I remember streams of mud poured out of the media on the Orthodox Church in the “light” of Soviet times – from the primitive to the sophisticated! Survived!”, – he wrote.

And urged not to believe the “mischievous propaganda”, but to believe in Christ, who promised to be with the Church until the end of the century. And since the Lord said he will save faithful to Him, then so be it, no doubt Tulchinsky the ruling Bishop of the diocese.

“All will be well with us and in Ukraine, because the gates of hell will not prevail against us, the living Church of Christ!”, – he is sure.

Archbishop Jonathan stressed that on the scales of eternity, there are two bowls: one with a carefree existence for which you have to pay for the betrayal of Christ and of faith; and the second is the Cup of persecution for the Savior and the Church.

“What’s elect for salvation? A rhetorical question: is elected by the second! After all, Christ promised a reward in heaven for those who will suffer for His Holy Name. So, let’s get to the heavenly goal, undeterred in the least, for Christ’s sake!”, – concluded the Bishop.

Earlier, the Metropolitan Jonathan stated that “the age-old mentality of the Ukrainian Orthodox education double the UOC is “the canonical New Kyiv Metropolis” will be a good return of the Church of Constantinople in Ukraine, and disguised temptation.”

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