It is important to believe that we deserve better and God will send it to us

Most people simply do not believe that they deserve and can be happy. But when power is the limit – and then a miracle happens. Says the Archimandrite Andrei (Konnos).


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It is not that God does not send help

Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos)

Any problem can be solved.

And one solution is to solicit the prayers of those who we know are praying and will pray for us. This will help our soul. Because in life there are many difficulties and sometimes it seems that the ground was slipping from under his feet. Like the Canaanite woman who asked Jesus to help her daughter; both those whose children are ill, or died, or is mentally ill, with disabilities, autism, depression, in General, many problems. And at some point when you get to the point where it seems that there is no escape, I say, “Lord, what can I do? Tell me the right solution!”

And now I say that there is always a solution. What? I can not say about each specific case (we are all different), but it often happens that the decision is not where we originally presented itself to its God. And I have seen situations when people find themselves literally at the edge of the abyss, at the bottom, suddenly found a way.

It is not that God does not send help – even at the last moment.

At the time of the tragedy, in the hour of suffering we forget about it, and it seems that the problem is large and intractable.

Today I received a letter from one girl (don’t know where she is, but I often get letters from different people, which I then pray, asking God to solve their problems, because to one person it is impossible to do). So, this girl wrote that is crazy and cries for days on end – because for seven months not taking medication that she was prescribed by a doctor. I told her that you need to drink these medicines. “I do not want, – she wrote in response. – Want God to help me”. “But God is telling you to take them. God sent you a doctor. It is impossible to refuse the help that life offers us!” I replied.

The Lord himself said many times to people: “Go to the priests!”

Go to the doctor, ask for help, they can give what you yourself will not give.

And again. This girl, so anxious about his problems, can not imagine that someday it will pass. We humans are generally inclined to exaggerate their suffering. That is, if you now something hurts, it seems that it will last another twenty years.

You’re exaggerating the problem, bring it to an infinite degree. But you can say: “Today I have a problem. Well. But tomorrow it might not be. And years later I’ll never understand why I’m so tormented”.

And we are all trying to solve the problem without faith

We are constantly drowning. Yes, it happens that not in a glass of water, but really in the open sea, but their problems we exaggerate very much. But the biggest problem we have in mind: it is from here that everything starts, because the problem is not a problem in itself, but how we perceive it, how our mind perceives. And these doubts are the strongest, when constantly exaggerating, think and suffer.

When power is the limit – and then a miracle happens. As one paralyzed man, God does not leave. Often the problem is solved exactly when everything is worse. Then the man says to God: “If You can’t nothing to do here, know this: I am no longer able to endure.” And then something always happens, something changes. First and foremost is changing the person from a different perception of the problem- with joy, optimism, hope and faith.

So the problem is solved, we must first believe it will happen something good.

And when there is no hope, then nothing happens. Some people are just “lights out” any hope, saying in despair and fear, “that’s it. Nothing good in life will not be exact. This is the end”. These people believe that nothing will never change. But believing in change is very important. To believe in miracles, in healing, that our life, our loved ones, our children – will be better. It is important that the soul lived hope for the best.

For example, if you perform the sacrament of last rites – do not come to it formally, and believe that now, after extreme unction in the soul of man will come the changes – as in his body.

And we are all trying to solve the problem without faith.

It is very important to believe that we deserve the best

I asked the Lord before making another miracle? “Believe?” Do you believe that I can give joy, healing, and raising your child?.. And when the man answered: “I Believe!”, a miracle occurred. Because faith opens the soul to meet the miracle. Faith, trust, willingness to accept joy.

It is important and how we were raised.

Most people simply do not believe that they deserve and can be happy.

In our subconscious joy and happiness are inevitably associated with punishment. That is when, apparently, there is a reason for great joy, people say, “Oh, now something bad happens! It is not good to laugh so much! How then would not cry! Today’s laugh, but what about tomorrow?..”

That is, we just don’t allow yourself to rejoice – because one has only to rejoice, always you will fly sneaker! And the worst thing is that “sneaker” these we put into the hand of God. How she raised us. In fact, it seems to us that God Himself wants us to be happy. He wants to see some of our tears, anguish, anguish, self-reproach and confusion. You may think that God likes to look at our suffering – as some children like to tear the wings off insects and stick them on a pin…

But if you live with such thoughts and mood, no change for the better will not happen. It is very important to believe that we are worthy and that God will surely send it to us to solve all problems. We were born for tears.

It’s okay to cry at some point- five minutes, five days… But not forever.

Cry. Let the soul be reconciled with God, may the Lord forgive you posovetuyte, communion. But it is impossible for life to cry and complain! Because a sunrise, the one you received – Eternal Sorrow? No. Christ is Joy. Is the Solution to all your problems. Therefore, you need to accept it, you need to believe that there is a solution.

“Father, I can not marry! Probably never get married…” Well, if you believe it yourself then don’t marry. Options because no! But you can say: “God will certainly help! I know He will tell me how to be! I’ll wait and hope”. To wait and hope.

One girl I said, “Believe that your only somewhere. You’re thirty now so he definitely exists, just that you have not yet met. Let the heart dwell the dream, hope, prayer. After all, what is prayer? Isn’t the desire to dream? When I pray for someone, with all my heart I wish that people got what I asked for it. So you: imagine it – her future husband!” “But I don’t know who it is!” – “It doesn’t matter. Your soul knows that this person is preparing for a meeting with you and the meeting will certainly happen”.

The psychology of expectations and hopes is the key to a practical solution where there is no waiting. And of course, those who always complains, grumbles and despairs, never will be able to solve their problems, because in murmurs and complaints does not find a solution.

Even when God sends such people some options, they still return to their favorite tactic. Allow them one problem, and they said, “Well, I have this…” Solve this, and answered: “Well, Yes, but still that’s wrong because…” It’s the people who are never satisfied.

Translation Yelizaveta Terentyeva for the portal “Orthodoxy and the world”

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