“It is impossible that felt like Lisa, but she probably would be happy”

Get back whether the old benefactors, is it possible to restore the loss of reputation, why it is impossible to divide children at the Russian and non-Russian, and as “Fair use” will continue to work with the arrival of a new leader says the new organization’s President and Executive Director of the Foundation for the deaf and blind “unity” Tatiana Konstantinova.

  • The Fund “Fair use”: Dr. Lisa, we will not fail
  • When Dr. Lisa said there was a shadow of a doubt that she was right
  • “Let there be a lot of funds Dr Lisa”
  • “Someone running, and someone makes up stories about the persecution and hostile takeovers”. What’s going on in the Fund of Dr. Lisa?
  • What happened to the legacy of Dr. Lisa?

The organization continues to work – this is important

– Tatiana, as it is now called your office?

– I’m in two forms – Executive Director of the Foundation for the deaf and blind “unity” and President of “the Fair help of Dr. Lisa”.

– How did you become President of the “Fair aid”?

– A lot of things in my life, if we talk about the work happens by accident. In June I called and asked for a meeting with the head of the stewardship Council Mikhail Fedotov. Mikhail asked me to lead the “Fair use”.

– What do you think, why you were invited in, frankly, a crisis situation to lead this organization?

– I have two versions, one complimentary, the other not, probably somewhere in the middle the truth. Complementary is that I am a good professional. Objective – I think that at that time was not much choice.

– Necessity of change of leadership?

Yes, but not in the Fund and in the organization. All are called “Fair help” Foundation, but is an international charity organization.

– How is the international charitable public organization of the Fund?

Another legal form, a few other rules and principles of work. The Fund can be the main body or the head, but in implementing it the key decisions are made by the General meeting of members. The Fund does not imply membership, and the organization implies.

– It is now possible to describe the situation in the “Fair assistance”? What is happening there?

– The organization continues to work. This is important. We hold all of the same programs that were under lease, and we need to get out of the reputation disadvantage, which has left the organization.

– In what status there is now a case opened by the Investigative Committee in respect of the employees of the organization?

– I did not see and do not know against whom it is instituted. I went to a meeting at the Investigative Committee, and I was told that it is, but someone accused me the investigator didn’t say. Every week I several times call journalists to comment on or to report the news on this case, and I have nothing to say, because I have exactly the same information as all other people. Somewhere at some online have reported that a criminal case, but the site SK there is no information. That’s all I know about the status of the case.

– But since the investigator had called you in for questioning, apparently it still exists?

– Apparently, Yes.

Tatiana Konstantinova. Photo: Olga Pavlova / Facebook

People believe that charity should not be the salaries and office

– Please tell us about the hospital for the poor, which was the dream of Elizabeth and for which last December went to Ksenia Sokolova.

– I do not know what the idea was at Lisa’s. Lena nikul’nikova a I, a former and current employee of the “Fair aid”, told me that Lisa had the idea to make a hospital for the poor. But I don’t know what is meant by Lisa herself.

– A project on paper left?

– No. In order to qualitatively provide medical services to needy people suffering different diseases at this hospital, designed for a small contingent, there must be a large staff of various experts, and I still do not understand how to organize the story. Xenia Sokolova was a business project I have not seen – in which one hospital was supposed to be a commercial component, and charity.

– How do you assess this idea?

– All depends on how you assess the people who will give you money for it. By law any non-profit organization has the right to engage in commercial activities, then to put the return on its statutory goals, that is, to do it not for the personal enrichment of its employees, and to have the ability of the organization to be more stable to stand on his feet. And I don’t see anything wrong. If the person who wanted to give money for it, said, “I’m ready, I like it,” good. But the people who took bad this idea may have suggested that she – or someone else- wanted to get benefits from this.

– You and she have a personal contact?

– No. I saw the Xenia twice in life: once at the funeral of Lisa, the second – at a meeting of the Board of Trustees.

– As far as I remember in an interview she has given “MBH Media,” she talked about the fact that the decisions of this meeting are illegitimate, because there was no quorum.

Quorum was. Ksenia says that Natalia Avilova left the organization and that they have even three new members. In her opinion, Natasha at that time a member of the “Fair aid” was not and, accordingly, could not participate in the decision. And if you follow this logic, then Yes, indeed there was no quorum. But the organization issued documents Natalya Avilova is still a member, and those new three people, which says Ksenia, are not, because I have not seen any of their statements about joining the “Fair use”, or a documented decision of the General meeting that these people are part of the organization’s members. Based on this, I can conclude that the meeting, which took Ksenia and appointed me as legitimate.

But Ksenia, in an interview put even a screen pictures of the application of Natalia Avilova’s exit from the organization.

We saw him only in electronic form, and physically in the “Fair aid” it, as there is no feature excluded Natalia Avilova’s. The decision on the withdrawal from the organization takes effect, not when the application is written and when it is taken with Assembly and designed. If we are talking about “Fair use”, then the decision should be made by the General meeting of the members of the organization. It’s the same with enrollment.

– What are loss of reputation, of which you spoke?

Donor said, “We don’t want to give money to organizations, which are happening some strange things.” In addition, journalists smashed some things with the wrong interpretation – for example, the fact that Ksenia Sokolova rented a separate office. But the heightened emotional background no one will explain what the office was really needed, because I had somewhere to put a six-person administrative staff. On Pyatnitskaya there is no place where its full of people: four staff who work with the homeless and the poor, and constantly go homeless and others in need of assistance.

– That is, it was the right decision?

– I would not have made him so close to Pyatnitskaya probably would have found close to the ring road and cheaper, though that office which withdrew in Xenia, according to the boys, they were cheap, the rent was lower than the average price in the area.

But “Fair use” had the background in the form of Lisa, and a lot of people, seeing the example of Lisa, believed that people working in charity should not receive a salary and rent an office.

Photo: Natasha Kazakova, April 2009

Where’s the office?

– Pyatnitskaya administrative part of the organization still left under Xenia, and now we all sit in the House of mercy. But we have in the House of mercy do not fit. Now we are in this big room. I, the President, not his place, not that office, I come home and usually sit on the side at the big table where the children gather. They’re drawing and I’m here doing something on the laptop.

Secretary we planted in the kitchen – her fenced off area. We are very hopeful that you will give us the room, wrote the application, participated in the contest KOS, and KOS offered us a room – an office for two people near the ring road, in the Troparevo district. We refused because we did not fit. And then people in Moscow will spend all day to go to all points on Pyatnitskaya street, the House of mercy on New Basmanny in Troparevo. Therefore, we are in the House of mercy. For example, now I had a live interview with TV channel “Zvezda”, and I ran to the kitchen and just did all the terrible eyes to make them quiet.

– What’s the story with lawyers who are paid a lot of money?

One of them I do not a lawyer: Alexander Kulikovskii, whom everyone called a lawyer, no legal education. In 2018, he worked as a program Manager, which deals with children from Donbas, and besides, he had a contract with SP on computer services of the organization, and something else.

In General, it is unusual for the organization – when a person is in the state and with it the same as with the FE contract. Second person: Anna Agranovich, restored and created documentation of the organization’s work. As someone who has created not a bad Foundation in terms of documentary support, I will say that it works great.

– A large and, as I understand it, in this part of the legacy of Elizabeth was not in very good condition.

– I can’t understand this, but people who worked with Lisa and was told that Yes, it was not very. How much work was done by Anna, I can’t judge because I don’t know what it was at the beginning. We have in “unity” lawyer gets 60 thousand rubles, but the skills he has, of course, not the same as the lawyer Anna Agranovich, and the amount of work the other, so I can’t compare them and reason, paid a lot of money to Anna or not.

– If I like the head of the organization has money, what’s the problem to pay for a good lawyer?

– Nothing. But we must understand that “Fair help” are some background: this organization, which all helped pro bono. And the behavior of the leaders of one organization and another with different input conditions is different. The Fund “EDINENIE” we can afford to pay the high cost of the services of a lawyer, but also don’t do that: I always try to find cheaper, but to quality services. If I know that no one else will provide me with these services, or understand that this man I really would have a serious service, I’ll pay market money.

– So, if I understand you correctly, that in many positions, in which Ksenia blame, she’s nothing terrible did. The problem is that it came with a different model of organization, and since it was the legacy of Elizabeth Petrovna, all didn’t like it. Everyone wanted to be like, “with Lisa”.

– I think Yes.

And it was impossible for one reason.

– Impossible because she was not Lisa. Now it is impossible to be like this with Lisa.

Elizaveta Glinka. Photo: Mitya Aleshkovsky

I do not divide children on the Russian and not Russian

Do you think you’ll return to the old donors or not?

– Some will return, some not. It’s a very fine line of how fragile the ice – once the trust is broken – and I do not believe anyone. Much here rests on the trust.

– Was it during this period made something good, from your point of view?

– You saved the program. In recent times, maybe one of the programs more attention was paid to the detriment of others, but the three programs existed. The organization helped the homeless, the poor, but due to the fact that the poor began to pay less attention, they went to other organizations in the “House of friends” somewhere else, but we now construct the work so that if they want to, then you will easily be able to return.

Preserved program “Assistance to children victims of hostilities and disasters.” In this programme, we can carry Syrian children, and this done, we now have boy from Syria with acute leukemia, for which I already received in full from those who knows who to help and who not. I wrote a post about it, and I had colleagues at charity with the question: “what, we’re out Russian children?”

– That you answer this question?

– I do not divide children on the Russian and not Russian. I maybe could share theoretically, but when you have a living baby, I don’t really understand how it can be sorted: ours – not ours. And then, I wonder: do we have ended funds, which are collected on children from neighboring countries? I was bizarre of these claims. If to proceed from the philosophy of failure, you can accept this point of view: donors give money to a Syrian boy, and the Russian children will not get.

But I proceed from the philosophy of redundancy and that there is always a place and resources for those and for those Only the request for assistance comes at the right time and place but I do not support the idea that if we drop off here Syrians, the Russian kids will suffer.

In fact this idea can be developed further. For example, right now Nut Federmesser working on the topic of perinatal palliative care, and we can say: it is not necessary to spend the money, because it is already born, and later seriously ill children will suffer, they will lack money. And, you can say that we help children and adults suffering… or help children with one disease while others remain without help… And so on.

– Of course, you remember how you got from the public Elizabeth, when I started to deal with children from Donetsk, and received, say, from their own. And even for her, a person persistent, it was hard. Aren’t you afraid that will start the same thing against you in connection with the Donetsk and Syria? What will you do?

– Yes, it has already begun – questions of varying degrees of complementarity and aggression, in particular, about the fact that we carry children out of there. I came to the organization in which these children already have. I don’t know how to sort them. And I won’t. Simultaneously, few people remember or want to know what “Fair use” is a Russian terminally ill. For example, my colleague spent half the day in Naro-Fominsk, where he worked with a blind woman who needs help in developing her sighted child. A program where we assist children from the NPT and Syria, is called “Help children affected by war and disasters.” And I think it a great happiness, now that this program has no Russian players.

Elizaveta Glinka at special MES during the evacuation to Moscow seriously ill children from the city of Makeevka of Donetsk region (2015)

We have nothing to share – enough for everyone

– In what condition you found the staff, when there came as President? They were ready to work on, they are tired, or, conversely, were unhappy that once again something is changing in the Fund?

– I’ve made quite welcome, went well on contact. We got on very well, people were willing to work, worked before. Said to me: “it’s Good that we have a President and we see it, and then President of the Xenia we have not seen since the beginning of the year.”

– Do I understand correctly that in the “Fair assistance” remained the backbone of those who have been in the reign of Elizabeth?

– At the moment there are people who have begun to work with Lisa, plus I’m giving those who worked with Lisa, and then for various reasons went away. For example, returned Lena nikul’nikova a I that works with the homeless and the poor. Lena and I have long been familiar and friendly, I’ve seen mean a lot to her this work and basement on Pyatnitskaya street, and saw Lena wanted to go back. I thought it would be correct and I see how happy Lena.

– Who are the leaders of the organization have left?

– Mikhail Fedotov – head of the Board of Trustees. Gleb Glinka became a member of the Board.

– How to build relationships with other funds that are created come from the “basement Dr. Lisa” – with “friends House,” “Foundation Dr. Lisa”?

– I have a very good relationship. With “friends House” we have already held a joint dinner for the homeless. Natalia Avilova’s (“the Fund of Dr. Lisa”) we now have a joint project, we received financial assistance from the Railways – they gave us more than forty Trucks with tables, beds, mattresses, pillows, and we set them to be forwarded to the DNI and the LC.

So we met with Natasha and decided that we will cooperate – we have nothing to share, we work together, and enough work for everyone.

– As far as I understand, you with these funds overlap in programs?

– Yes, but it does not bothering us. We can consult with each other, share contacts. Natasha Avilov, for example, is very competent in terms of removal of children from Donetsk to treatment because she was in charge of this program. She went and continues to go.

Natalia Avilova. Photo: liza.fund

– Do you have a team that came with you?

– No, but we have new members. For example, the doctor Olga Demicheva, Board member of the “Fair aid” and our medical examiner. This, of course, a great success for the organization because Olga man “I see the goal, do not notice the obstacles.”

When we came to the “Fair use”, there were a number of children who were taken from the Donbass, but help was not available to them, they are “stuck” due to various reasons. Olga made it so that nowadays, almost all of these children all the issues have been resolved.

Who else is “new”?

– New-old is the Executive Director Maxim Agranovich, who was in the organization and left (according to him and according to the staff, he was forced), but is now back. I just entered the “Fair use”, so I needed someone who was already there, took a leadership role and already understands all there. So Maxim and I met, talked, met and did not cause rejection of each other and now work together.

Lisa there’s probably satisfied

– You plan to drive to the stations?

– I’m not going to go there for photos. If need be, I will go to renew in memory, as it was, because I went to the station with Lisa a bit. It doesn’t cause me any negative emotions, I am quite unable to do so.

Elizaveta Glinka at the station. Photo: Fair use of Dr. Lisa / Facebook

– And what can’t?

– It’s not disgust, it’s my “mamaste” – probably wouldn’t be able to do palliative kids. Although, if it were necessary, I could have found the strength to do it.

– Will travel to Donetsk?

– Yeah, I’m going to meet with the administration and with those people with whom we do these programs.

– What do you think would be said Elizabeth if she found out that you are now the President of her organization?

I do not know. Swearing would probably… If you include metaphysics, it seems to me that she’s more satisfied than dissatisfied. But as it was in reality – who knows? Lisa was the person mixed, so impossible to guess.

Dr. Lisa Tatiana Konstantinova. Photo: Natalju Sha / Natasha Kozakova

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