“It is impossible to understand why they did it” – relatives and neighbors about a triple suicide in the Udmurt Republic

Udmurtia. Glazov. It is almost 200 kilometers from Izhevsk. On the last day of autumn – November 30, near the house №20 along the street Pekhtin gathered a crowd: discussed not politics, not gossip and not even pension reform. Talked about how and why a few hours ago I left the life of their neighbor: the grandmother, mother and granddaughter, 55, 35 and 8 years. Fell from the roof of flats. How? Why? From the place of events correspondent “Pravmir”.

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“Why they decided to do it”

The Northern capital of Udmurtia, icy wind, not yet dawn. At the scene works operational investigative group from Izhevsk.

From news and official reports it is known very little – that criminal proceedings were instituted under article “Murder juvenile” and “Incitement to suicide”. Police cordoned off from said hurriedly:

– Yes, died from a fall from the roof, are relatives, the investigation is ongoing, and politely asked to remove the camera and move.

City eye is quite small, if desired, it can be easily explored on foot in a few hours, it is divided into “old” and “new”. In a new area – multi-storey buildings, in the old – mostly five-story building, another of Stalin’s plan. The tragedy occurred in the “new” Glazov.

In the evening there was a lot of people, the area was cordoned off, investigators interviewed witnesses and neighbors. People didn’t disperse and could not hold back the tears. Very, very sorry, especially the girl. It-for what?! – says a local resident returning from walking Nordic walking.

A number of small cafes. In the next house lived the mother of Anna. The waitress of the cafe tells everybody about the deceased.

Her baby girl with my in parallel classes studied. Pretty girl, humble, friendly. A couple of years ago Anya with a nice guy I met, moved in to live with him (marital status unknown men – approx.ed.), son gave birth to him. In the “old town” lived with his parents and sister-in-law. I often saw them with the stroller.

As they say, yesterday afternoon, Anna and their children came to visit my mom, my brother was at work. Why they decided to do it, I can not understand. Leaving a baby at home, climbed to the roof. They say they have the key to the door was. Like was no reason. Note? Yes, there were several notebook pages were seized by the police. By the way, the key, locking the door leading to the roof, in the pocket of my grandmother found. About credits I don’t know… And you ask about it at work – Anya here and there, in a supermarket by the seller before the decree worked.

Ul. Pekhtin, 20. The same house

“Ne’er was, no other reason”

Anton, Anne’s brother, picked up the phone almost immediately. The voice of the young and very tired to answer the questions reluctantly, but agreed:

The child is now with her father and his parents, they love him and care about him. Groom your sister loved, though, and fought often. Why go to such – I don’t know. Unlucky they both were, no other reason.

The store where Anna worked, and the school in which she studied her daughter, – in two steps.

Shoppers at the supermarket is almost there. Colleagues remember Anna, voice shaking. Wonder what’s on the scene for some reason no one brought flowers.

Is it the day we came in this morning, everything was fine. And last Friday, two cakes I bought, they together celebrated the birth of Alexei, the father of her youngest son. We were waiting for it a decree go out: hardworking, accurate, Executive – good work.

And social networks I don’t know who calls her crazy. In childhood may have been some small problems, the mother took her to the psychiatrist, But Anna was quite adequate girl. Maybe not happily formed her life: one daughter was raised, but she finally met a man, loved him and everything changed. No particular material there were no problems, we’d know. Mother-in-law financially helped the mother, too, she in HCS worked.

In high school, where he studied wick elementary school on Saturday did not learn. The janitor of the school – an elderly woman – said that, in the words of Vika’s teacher, she was one of the best students of the class, and even won prizes in competitions in draughts.

And little brother Vicky is now living with his grandmother and dad in the “old eyes,” a five-storey building, near the train station. Neighbor Tatiana – she lives in the same building with family Ani, said the family is very decent and quite wealthy, she already knows. Anya in the family was received with cordiality, the grandmother of a grandson doted, the girl also loved.

From the porch entrance of the house 20 school No. 11, where he studied Vic

“The doors of the temples opened at any time”

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral – the Cathedral, the city of Glazov. People call it “temple of Freedom” in the name of the Central square of the city where it is located, and, of course, is its decoration: pleasing to the eye bright red and white walls and Golden domes, crowning the green roof. Here, on the second floor there is a reception of the Bishop of Glazov and Igrinskaya Victor.

The Bishop conducted immediately after a series of closed doors all the official authorities, I did not expect so easy to get an appointment.

The Bishop of Glazov and Igrinskaya Victor. Photo: eparhia-glazov.cerkov.ru

With a similar tragedy when life itself deprive the representatives of three generations, I was faced for the first time. It is obvious that the child was the innocent victim of adult problems that seemed unsolvable. Whether these mental health problems or were of social character – experts will understand. Alas, often people are closed in their little world, but the door of churches opened at any time… the Person in distress, always here to listen. I often meet and talk with people, and even the most seemingly hopeless situation, the output is, the main thing – to appeal, not to withdraw.

In mid-September, the clergy of the diocese of Glazovskiy almost all of them participated in training workshops “Unite, communicate openly. Take care of each other” for the prevention of suicidal behavior, which were organized by experts of the Republican clinical psychiatric hospital.


Near the temple, where we talked with the Bishop, the volunteers handing out red ribbons, Recalling that today is the Day to fight AIDS. Along the shore Bonnets river walk, and ride with hills. It’s getting dark.

Irina Atova, Udmurtia

What is behind the tragedy – opinions of experts

Marina Panfilova, suicidology, candidate of psychological Sciences:

“Suicide is a multifactorial phenomenon. If the decision to part with life takes a whole family, obviously, the initiative comes from adults. To explain what happened in the Udmurt Republic, we can not, if only because it is necessary to understand the situation. If we talk about family suicide theory, he often becomes a consequence of affective reactions. Quite often such solutions are connected with religious beliefs typical of sects: the family goes to “a better world”. However, such cases do not give an idea of a healthy family.

It is possible that the family in the Udmurt Republic are unable to adapt to her conditions. On the background of mental disorders or in the background of grief, for example, associated with the loss of a loved one, people have a desire to resolve their problems.

No one dares to comment on the situation clearly, saying, for example, that the cause of the tragedy is the economic situation, sectarianism, mental disorder or affect. The reasons can be a thousand. It’s like a Rubik’s cube, which is formed in a specific pattern. Again, the essence of family suicide usually comes down to the inability of the family to adapt to certain current social circumstances”.

Vadim the romanche fracture zone area psychiatrist, psychotherapist, suicidology:

“When talking about a family suicide, then it means an extended suicide. As a rule, it is a consequence of social neblagopoluchnomu. To comment on the situation in Udmurtia not only quickly, but also difficult: too many questions. Who was and what was mother? That she was forced to do so? What is that grandma? And that it could force to rush with her granddaughter, then? Do not understand the situation, to comment on anything. Maybe a grandmother and her granddaughter wasn’t jumping for the mother, and slipped when he tried to stop her. How do we know?! It is not excluded that this is all an accident. To understand this should be the result. You see, in life everything happens. Life in General is pretty tough stuff. Economic, psychological, psychiatric problems and even affect may be the cause of such actions.

But we need to understand more advanced suicide is always an exceptional case, a rarity. More importantly — every person who committed suicide, five to eight people injured. It’s relatives, relatives, friends. All those for whom the question “what if?”, “how?” remains unanswered. For them it is a severe stress disorder that can last for the later years and lead them to thoughts or attempts of suicide.”

Recorded Darya Rowena

By the way

The high rate of suicides among representatives of Finno-Ugric peoples, including the Udmurts, were noted in the Soviet era. The capital of Udmurtia Izhevsk then even called the capital of the of suicide. In the second half of 50-ies in the Udmurt Republic, annually committed about 400 suicides, and early 70s – 800 in the early 80’s- more than a thousand. During the anti-alcohol campaign in 1985, the figure dropped sharply, and then went upwards, reaching in 1995 1257 cases. With 80-ies of the Udmurt Republic among the five Russian regions with the highest suicide rate.

In the late 90-ies of the Institute. The Serbian has dedicated a whole study of the problem of suicide among Finno-Ugric peoples. “The persons of the Finno-Ugric nationalities – 94.9 suicide cases per 100,000, which is 2.2 times higher than among the Slavs (41.5 per 100 000) was reported by the study psychiatrist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Boris polozhy. – The prevalence of suicides at the Finno-Ugric peoples has increased in recent years by 1.6 times, and the Slavs remained stable. It very clearly shows a higher predisposition of the Finno-Ugric peoples to suicidal response.”

The reason for this response, scientists set definitely could not. However historian Vladimir Vladykin of the Udmurt University believes that local have special character — they are reserved, even slow, but everything inside is literally “burning,” often, negative emotions Udmurt pay for themselves, which sometimes leads to suicide. The Professor believes Udmurts vulnerable,”glass”: under the blows of fate they don’t bend and break. Udmurtia is important the opinions of others if they say bad, it can lead to tragedy.

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