“It is not the temple to do such exhibitions?” – Gospel through the eyes of young artists

“The entombment” is a traditional and common artistic theme, so for a young painter on his way to see her – feat. In the Church of the Holy Trinity in Troitsk opened the exhibition “the gospel through the eyes of young artists”.

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  • Ilya Glazunov: the Main thing — to raise strong-willed believing elite
  • Died artist Ilya Glazunov
  • “Every student felt his help” – in memory of Ilya Glazunov
  • Ilya Glazunov was forced to think with the heart

– We continue a tradition of spiritual connections and cultural institutions, said in his speech, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. – This is not the first such exhibition. The idea has long been in the air and was born by itself. For many years I was familiar with Ilya Sergeyevich Glazunov and know how much attention he paid to spiritual and religious subjects. He read a lot and wrote on the subject. And the fact that the walls of the temple exhibits the work of students of his Academy, is symbolic. As symbolic the fact that the temple is not only a spiritual center but also to some extent, secular cultural life. Yet more than non-people will come to the temple walls to see the paintings, the more they will sooner or later come to understand God, goodness, justice, mercy. This is the purpose of Church Ministry.

In Troitsk, in the crypt of the Church of the Holy Trinity, was opened the exhibition “the gospel through the eyes of young artists”.

Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture Ilya Glazunov presented at the exhibition some tens works of its graduates, created over the last two decades. The “curse of ham”, “the entombment”, “the Christ and Jewish teachers,” “Miracle of Tsarevich Dmitry,” “Saint Nicholas of Myra stops the penalty.” Works on biblical and Evangelical scenes are interspersed with scenes from the lives of saints and Russian landscapes.

Bishop John Domodedovo, managing the North-Eastern Vicariate, I am sure the exhibition in the temple shows “the format of the New Moscow, which care not only about the construction of residential complexes and Parking lots, it appears a spiritual and cultural space”. The Bishop is convinced that such an exhibition can be contrasted with the General trend of the ridicule and satirical attitude to our national and cultural values. They demonstrate not only the succession of what did the late Ilya Glazunov, but above all the succession of traditions of European and Russian artistic schools.

– Not at the temple to make such an exhibition?! – rhetorically said the painter Ivan Glazunov. – We try at the Academy, to any, even a secular task, were supplied to the motion vector to God. Every young artist excited to share my work, but a response would find the work, which, in addition to effort, talent, their love.

Still Wrobel defined the task of art is “to awaken his contemporaries the stately images of the spirit,” recalled the artist.

– This is a really awesome challenge, and maybe even Stanislavsky – the most important task of the artist. All of our students serve such an idea, regardless of what the topic is and what genre you write. Today the exhibition devoted to the gospel and the Holy Ghost, the world of Russian Orthodoxy, who breeds these topics, on which the artist can answer.

As told by Ivan Glazunov, all the year 2018, the work of artists of the Academy, assembled in a major exhibition, traveled to Italy. In Rome, Genoa, San Remo and the response was very lively.

Schools destroyed, and we in Russia still live the idea is not to lose a realistic and academic school in which the artist finds freedom for creativity on a national basis. This is encouraging, of course, but the main task is to serve the countrymen. And the current, small exhibition – part of the soul of our Academy, he said.

Ivan Glazunov, which is now acting rector of the Academy, conducted the tour of the exhibition and told about the search of nature, the study of historical sources, disputes about teachers on approval of sketches.

“3-year, small diploma” – are the captions to the pictures may cause some confusion. Small diploma is essentially a rehearsal of the big diploma, it is work of the student.

– “Curse of ham”, for example, one of the old Testament, which for traditional coursework, explained Glazunov. – They are useful and simple to learn. Psychological situation in these stories is clear – and the artist, as a composer, can always reply on the topic. If the artist did more than just make a student, then the picture goes to the Fund of the Academy.

It happened to a work written in the third year of the famous artist Pavel Ryzhenko, or painting “Prayer. The Island Of Valaam” Tatyana Usmanova. In his student years Usmanova traveled to Russian North. Solovki, Arkhangelsk, Kola Peninsula, White sea. Seeing how irrevocably, dying and dying countryside, destroyed churches, she wrote to the North. “The island Valaam” – course work Usmanova, went into the Treasury of the Academy.

– Work with nature requires sketches. Ultimately, this allows the artist to address not only internal challenges, but to reflect about today. We must learn to Express and today too, although we have now and not as beautiful as it was when Alexis, – jokingly said Glazunov, talking about the film “My Russia”.

The exhibition presents a cycle of works of graduates of landscape workshop.

– We set up your students to look for places that have preserved the spirit of the time – said Glazunov. – Urge to try to catch velochrome beauty, reveal God’s design for man. The artist needs to learn to love. This is important – and it is not easy.

“The entombment” – the thesis’s Vostrikova was written under the guidance of Professor Ilya Glazunov.

– Work was flat and uninteresting. And then the artist has introduced a lighting effect. In different places of the painting with lights. And the picture came to life. It can be “read” even for those who do not read and do not know the gospel. She was more than an academic task to Express the story in color, tone spots.

According to masters, countless artists have addressed the theme of “the provisions of the coffin” is a traditional and very common artistic theme. For a young painter to take it and to see – feat.

– When it turns out, we all pedsostava Academy experience joy. Ilya Glazunov was the idea of preserving the realistic school, of spirituality, without which there can be real art. And when the picture of his students puts internal ethical, psychological and aesthetic question and answers it, that means that the artist has got, so the goal is achieved.


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