Janusz Korczak: the death, the victory of falsehood and evil

One of the worst mistakes is to assume that pedagogics is a science about the child, not the man.” He was taught to respect and reveal the identity of the child, and his books and articles are a response to the questions and mistakes of parenting. August 6, 1942, together with his pupils in Treblinka death camp, was executed pedagogue Janusz Korczak.

The house of orphans in Warsaw. Orchestra under the direction of Janusz Korczak

  • Janusz Korczak. The child’s right to respect for
  • “We are so afraid that the child will be taken away from us the death that takes away his life”

If God entrusted you with man

The name Janusz Korczak for the first time I’ve heard enough later, during my University years. Heard, recorded in the list of program literature in the course of pedagogy and, of course, forgot. To be honest, I haven’t seen, and now not particularly see myself as a teacher, teacher, teacher, though he studied in a pedagogical University. But the discipline is then needed to pass, and the memory of it, as I thought, after that, will forever remain somewhere in the record book, and then completely disappear.

The Lord has ordered otherwise. Useful knowledge and even references. And discipline was much much wider and more interesting, and most importantly, the knowledge is practically useful and applicable, than previously, I somehow doubt it. But becoming a priest, I eventually realized that God had entrusted me with their children. And children have different: happy, calm, optimistic, unbelievers, doubters, sometimes angry and incredulous, hopeful, waiting, looking and still beautiful in their own, They conceived, originality.

No, don’t work with people charged, not spiritual counseling, and trust of the people as his children. And even our wife and children, He trusted me too, and not given to the property. In other words, where a priest is the schoolmaster, it turns out, that is, the teacher.

However, Janusz Korczak saw the pedagogics is not science about children and parenting: “One of the worst mistakes is to assume that pedagogics is a science about the child, not the man”…And with this phrase to me very much has fallen into place. What is the liability if someone you have entrusted person. And not from 8 to 19.00, every day, every hour, from infant cry till our last breath. Trust, and are not presented. This means not to dispose, save.

Dr.Usha a child is difficult, as our

The amazing fate of the Henrik Goldschmidt (real name of Janusz Korczak). He was born in 1878 Poland when she was still a Duchy of the Russian Empire. He studied at the Russian gymnasium. We must also not forget that by birth Henrik was a Jew, and this meant that a special, often not friendly attitude from others, was familiar to him from childhood, despite the fact that the family of Goldsmiths was considered an assimilated, which is very honored Polish tradition.

Janusz Korczak

Already studying at school, he begins tutoring activities, as the father of Henrik Jozef becomes incapable by reason of mental disease. Largely the father’s illness was the reason that in the future, Henrik not start a family for fear that the disease is genetically transferred to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, but his whole life dedicating it to children. And not only life, but death.

After high school knows Russian, German and French, fluent in ancient languages, entered and graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Warsaw. In the war with Japan and in world war I and in the Polish-Soviet war, Korczak, who had already by the time this alias, a military doctor, is often on the front lines, helping the wounded and providing not only medical, but also psychological help, and often just talking with the man, helping him escape from the pain and suffering of conversation, any interesting, exciting story.

And between the wars and after them is the establishment of Korczak as a pedagogue, journalist and children’s writer. His work has become world renown, his ideas in pedagogy become innovative, they are interested in. During the years of active work, Korczak creates orphanages in Kiev, in Warsaw, a special attention is paid to education of orphans. One of the most important principles of the educational system of Janusz Korczak was and is samovoleva activity of children.

The leading features of his upbringing were such qualities as self-knowledge, self-development, self-control, self-esteem and a lot of different things that makes the child HIMSELF.

Adult can participate in the upbringing of the child just love without interest in the identity of the child and love him contact with the child, Korczak considered harmful.

One of the main ideas that Korczak was carrying the parents had the idea to let the child grow by himself, and not to those who were not his parents. To view the child as a full person: “quick-tempered child, beside himself, struck; an adult remembering himself killed. The innocent child lured toy; an adult signature on the promissory note. Frivolous child for a tenner, given to him in a notebook, bought candy; adult cards and lost all his fortune. No children — there are people, but with a different scale of concepts, a different stock of experience, in other pursuits, a game of senses…” (How to love a child?), at the same time many to understand that actually, the benefits in adulthood of the person in front of the child, except for such liability, by and large, no.

Respect and explore, to discover the identity of the child, “all that was achieved in training, pressure, violence — fragile, incorrectly and unreliably”, to the level of the child, according to Korczak, it was necessary to stoop or Crouch, and to catch up, to grow, to stand on tiptoe because the child’s feelings must still be able to rise, “the soul of a child is complex as ours, full of such contradictions, in the same tragic eternal struggles: seek and can’t, know what I need and can not bring myself to do it”.

Very accurate Korczak pointed to the fact that it represents the nurturing and love in the form in which they are now: “My child is my thing, my slave, my pet dog. I scratch behind his ears, stroking the bangs, garnished with ribbons, take a walk, train him to be obedient and docile, and when you get bored: — Go play. Go have a workout. It’s time to sleep.” And isn’t it really?

Sometimes it seems that the methods and solutions that were once offered as “old doctor” – is a direct response to those terrible and sometimes fatal “educators” mistakes made by parents against children. To love and to develop, to observe and not to interfere. It would seem the ideas of Korczak’s not just love for the human person, but also trust the Creator of this person. And a reminder to parents that “the child is not a lottery ticket, which must fall winnings in the form of a portrait in the courtroom of magistrate or bust in the foyer of the theater. Each has its own spark that can carve a flint of happiness and truth, and maybe in the tenth generation, it will flash with the fire of genius, and glorifying their own family, will illuminate humanity with the light of a new sun”.

Themselves, the Nazis offered Korczak freedom

Books for adults and children, articles, pedagogical research, and more than 20 books on parenting. By the beginning of world war II, Janusz Korczak was well known in many countries. And since fire and water in the life of the old doctor already was, it was the hardest challenge – copper pipes. Glory and fame, the merit of the writing, could provide the Janusz Korczak not only honor and respect, but life itself. Along with his “Orphan house” Janusz Korczak was in the Warsaw ghetto, and that meant only one thing – destruction.

Even a few years before the war, maybe in anticipation of developing events, former students tried to do everything to get Dr. Janusz from Poland, was waiting for him in Palestine, in neutral countries, then the war will not come, he traveled extensively, but have left their offspring.

More than thirty years until his death operated the Warsaw Orphanage. Korczak never left him and during the occupation of Warsaw by the Nazis. Moreover, in the ghetto Korczak attempts were made to create a shelter for the seriously ill and dying children, and mortality in a gated community was high. So the old doctor anticipated the idea of creating a children’s hospice. Realizing the inability to help the dying, Korczak did everything to provide at least decent and out of the little sufferers.

Korczak tried to rescue from the ghetto, he rejected all attempts to bring him to a safe place. Finally, when the fate of Jewish orphans was solved, the Nazis offered Korczak his freedom. However, this freedom was offered to him only. One. Therefore, Korczak, together with their pupils climbed in the car, leaving in the Treblinka death camp.

Frame from the film “Korczak”

Emmanuel Ringelblum, one of the underground Warsaw ghetto has left a memory: “We said that the conduct of the school of nursing, pharmacy, orphanage Korczak. It was terribly hot. Children from boarding schools I planted at the end of the square against the wall. I was hoping that today they will be able to save… Suddenly the order came to withdraw a boarding school. No, this is a sight I will never forget! This was no ordinary March to the cars, it was organized a silent protest against banditry! Began the procession, which he still was not. Built of four children. At the head of the Korczak with the eyes directed forward, holding two children’s hands. Even auxiliary police stood at attention and saluted.

When the Germans saw Korczak, they asked: “Who is this man?” I couldn’t stand the tears gushed from my eyes and I covered his face with his hands.”

August 6, 1942, Janusz Korczak went to the gas chamber together with his pupils.

Trusted to return safely, only putting him love

As an afterword I would like to recall a single episode which most likely is probably just a myth, but, nevertheless, far from the truth. An SS officer who commanded the loading and deportation to Treblinka, the learned writer Korczak learned, whose books he once read as a child, and that he was instructed to invite Korczak to leave the car and that he, Korczak refused. And recently I read that the pilot who shot down the plane St Exupery, too, strangely enough, was one of his readers.

And Korczak and Exupery – people who have made in their life, something very important: they wrote about a person beautiful… not upright, not reasonable, and the person who can create this world, on the clay that was made alive by the Spirit, who will decorate the world, when evil and misfortune it will be no more space. And what a crazy, scary time in a destructive and terrible century.

Trusted to return safely, only by investing his love. And sometimes life. Amazing and scary feat, to understand that it is impossible, if you have not lived life. Dying for these children happened in the life of Korczak’s not at Treblinka, but much earlier, when children’s eyes looked at him with trust and love. So much love. And somehow I am sure that this feeling has not left them to this terrible death moment. And not even a feeling. And Love it. As the beginning and cause of all.

Bright and good memory of the “old doctor” and his pupils.

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