John bevere wrote a book called “Where are you, God?”, to help believers to undergo challenges with the right attitude

Every believer goes through difficult times. In such moments it is likely to feel that God has left. Man begins to lose focus and moving away from God’s heart, thinking that something angered Him. But the truth is that any wilderness is a preparation for what God has called us. On this theme, John bevere wrote his new book, “Where are you, God?”.

In an announcement to the book, John bevere posted on the website a mini-movie, which shows the main essence of the book. The main character is a girl who has a very close relationship with his father. There is no other better than him. But at some point, she loses vision. And then she realizes the father is not around. She calls him every day is getting harder for her, she is devastated. The girl feels like she left, she was alone, her soul is “screaming”. All she repeats, “Dad, why have you forsaken me? Where are you?”.

But all this is a difficult time for her father there. He never left her for a minute. It’s hard to see her like this, but he understands that she must become stronger, she must pass it, to prepare. Because only in this moment she realizes how much strength and endurance in it, how much force. When the time comes, the father tells her that he’s near me he didn’t leave her. In the end, the girl realizes that he gave her what she really needed.

“If you recognize yourself in this story? says John beaver in videoanonsa. In this book, I delved into how to pass the season of waiting. I truly believe that this will help you find answers to the hard questions, and will also be a source of strength and courage for you during the passage of hard times.

Hard times will always, whether we like it or not. It’s cool when you feel Bozhbe presence, His power at the conference. How about when you come home? In difficult times people think that they have done something bad that they have angered God, and He is far from them. Constantly focus on what they did. While God says “Be still nearer to Me, son.”

I know that right now people feel like God is far away, they don’t remember that God had promised them in the past. At this time God is preparing you, your character, but doesn’t leave you. He wants you to be ready for the season, to which He has called you. Look at David, he took his desert to be the father of Israel. The purpose pustyni so you can cope with the position where God has called and prepared.

My new book for you to respond correctly to difficult times.”

Anna Sutorina, especially for GOD.NEWS

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