“Jump – we have more money” – why Moscow teachers earn more than others

The news that teachers in Moscow earn more than 100 thousand rubles a month, surprised not only the teachers in the regions, but also their Moscow colleagues. Whether so it actually and what should be done today, to make good money in school? This “Pravmiru” said Vsevolod lukhovitsk, teacher of Russian language and law school “Intellectual” and co-chair of the Interregional trade Union “Teacher”.

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Where are the average salaries of 100 thousand

Why recently had a public conversation about what Moscow teachers receive a lot of money?

Information the reason was that the head of the economic analysis of the Department of education of Moscow Alexander Muratov said that the average salary of Moscow teachers in the first nine months of this year reached 105 thousand rubles. It was a formal occasion, and it coincided with what was recently carried out some monitoring, including the monitoring of wages onf, and it turned out that in the regions teachers are very unhappy with their salaries.

And all this coincides with what is now unfolding is a serious confrontation between Moscow educational authorities and the Ministry of education of Russia on the question of what will be the system of certification of teachers: the Ministry proposes their, and Moscow already has its own. I think now there is a whole range of reasons why the Moscow authorities wanted to say out loud what the big salaries of the Moscow teachers.

Vsevolod Lukhovitsk. Photo: Metropolitan Education Journal / Facebook

How do these numbers match reality?

– Hard to say, because, of course, all the average figures are very approximate and questionable. I think that the salary of Moscow teachers in comparison with the regions is really large. But you know how these salaries are given, and the main problem is that we originally wrong to do what and how to pay. We have forgotten the old rule which has been in the world since the eighteenth century: a person is paid for his working hours. Always the main question regarding salary to any person in the West that in the East – how much is an hour of your working time?

But in the current confusing system of payment a lot of teachers, I think, to answer this question can not. The teacher can say: “I got in sum, with all incentive bonuses and other things, such and such amount”.

But clearly say how much one lesson is very difficult. And we as a Union make back again the basic unit of a salary – hourly rate. I give my lesson hour, how much is this lesson worth?

We recently tried to conduct such a survey have asked in the newsletter of the trade Union, how much for an hour of work, and received in the regions a huge variation of answers – from 119 to 600 rubles. In Moscow, according to our data, one hour costs about 600 rubles.

This earnings of a teacher for the watch add all kinds of allowances that accrue to the teacher: classroom management, study, courses, extracurricular activities and so on. Therefore, the increase in the salaries of teachers was not because he increased the pay per hour actually talking about something else: “We have forced teachers to work more, and due to this he gets a big salary”.

In addition, officially, schools have extra – budgetary funds- paid educational services. But then it gets interesting. If we call, as is done officially, not the cost of the hours and amount per month, it turns out that the human being has more load, the more the salary.

But this year, these reports about the salary not formally take into account people whose load is less than rate – that is, less than eighteen hours a week, they like not.

At my school there is a lot of people, and they do not count, because it is clear that for 10-12 hours a week, they earn nothing serious can. And they would have seriously changed this average figure.

Another interesting point. The salary of the Director when calculating the average salary of teachers in the school are not taken into account, but, for example, are in school rate of teacher that gets a lot. Take this bet, divide, for example, three people to three people, who performed on the piece of work of the head teacher, but they are considered teachers. And then in the records of the school, their salary is also rather big – it is considered the teachers ‘ lounge.

And it affects this average figure?

Yes, in total we have such a beautiful figure. Naturally, Moscow teachers a good salary is another matter, what with the sweat and blood the money given. I think Moscow teachers are exploited significantly more than teachers in the province.

What is really the salary of Moscow teachers in standard school district, do you think?

– Assuming that the teacher, who eighteen hours workload and classroom management, the salary is about 70 000. All of the above — at the expense of increasing the load and the number of students in the class: if you have thirty-five children, then of course you get more, but it is clear that this load while working with them commensurate with the load, when you’re working with a class of twenty-five people.

Nevertheless, this increase of payment in Moscow, the appeal of the profession would have to rise.

– I can well imagine a young man who graduated high school who went to work in a school in Moscow. Another thing is that, having worked at the school a couple of years, it is likely because of the stupidity of how it’s all organized, leave. Or conversely, will want in addition to the school to do something else and say, “I want a load of 10 hours.” And the Director say, “Sorry, but you me for 10 hours is absolutely unprofitable – you take it from a man with a full bet, and so I give you the 10 hours will not take, will take only 24, so I can account for that.”

We (the trade Union “Teacher”) just won the court: a music teacher was preparing to defend his thesis and asked the Director of the vacation for delivery of a candidate minimum. The Director said, “No, actually, since you’re like this, then take many hours.” She refused, and he then reduced it, and watch it spread to other workers. Timiryazevsky district court decided that the dismissal was unlawful, and tomorrow she will come to work.

This is a common thing: a man forced to take many hours, and if he has any other interests, then the school is forced to fire him. And if I now someone said I should take some hours, because it’s necessary, I definitely would have remembered that I’m retired, and went. I’m at 19 hours, and that’s all I need. It is normal for a person not to break a lot of jobs, a heavy load, but in Moscow it is absolutely not taken into account.

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“I do not pass certification” – not appealable

What do you think, its main problem teachers?

– Well, for example, my favorite subject – only in Moscow thought to do in a General personnel register the opportunity for all Directors to expose teachers to “black mark” in case of dismissal. That is, if the teacher, for example, dismissed at will, but he argued with the Director, the Director clicks the icon in the personnel registry, and all the principals of Moscow schools to see that teachers don’t have to hire.

Moreover, none of the Directors has not officially confirmed that it is, but we, the Union, the Teacher miraculously managed to procure a couple of documents, which the Department regulates this issue. I have not heard that in other regions was the ability of the Director to expel teachers actually blacklisted.

We know experienced teachers who left on their own, and they will not take.

What else does Moscow differ in terms of the working conditions of the regions?

– A very ingenious system of certification of teachers. It seems to be good, it seems democratic, because matching of teacher positions is evaluated by the school. The Commission gathers, the teacher performs tests, answers questions – everything seemed to be great, but not in principle appeal. That is, in a situation when a Director or teacher has decided for some reason to fill up the teacher and said, “You didn’t pass certification”, the management level of the Moscow center of quality of education, the Department of education shrugs and says, “We can’t do anything, we both accepted the law”.

We have a member of the Union, which is so dismissed because she has not passed this certification. We looked at the tests that it performed and found that in 2013 about them Isak Frumin said that this is complete nonsense. Academician Boris Mikhailovich BIM-bad, at our request, looked at the tests and said: “tests for the certification of teachers on conformity of a post “the teacher” is very amorphous, vague, not unambiguous, they include questionable answers, none of which are convincing. <…> The proposed test tasks answers for choice is dictated by the views, tastes, preferences of the compilers of these tasks. Therefore, they cannot serve as a basis for an objective assessment of the correctness of the answers of the assessment, which is vital for the teacher effects.”

But the Department says there’s nothing he can do, and we lost the case in the city court, who said: “Irregularities in procedure was not to assess the quality of tests we can not, and to invite experts do not want.”

Before we did not know about this problem, but this year it became clear that for many Moscow teachers certification – a dangerous thing precisely because there is no system of appeal.

The result of the appraisal is final and not appealable. This should not be never and nowhere. And this situation, of course, very concerned about the part of the Moscow teachers.

There are many factors that affect the General nervous situation in the Moscow school education. For example, the fact that many teachers have to work in the same building, and in several. What about a teacher constantly hangs the threat of any sanctions.

For example, from the point of view of the law no one can require him to provide some kind of map of lesson – whether information, or any other, but it comes to verify, it turns out that he has this, although by law it should not be, and it will begin to complain about. Most teachers just spits on it and says, “hold on somehow until retirement”, although now the pension is moved. All this contributes to the quality of education better. So the big money are very serious nervous tension.

“Jump – we give you more money”

What specific problems teachers have in the regions? First, what is the salary?

– From 15 000 to 30, but 30 – if he is willing to work on the two rates. For most teachers the amount of 20 000 for eighteen hours is an unattainable ideal. All my friends in different regions 23, 25, 26 hours, and for this they receive an average of 25 000, a maximum of 30 000. In the regions of the load approaching two rates, especially in small towns, in Moscow the average official load – 1.4.

And the announcement that the Moscow teachers receive such a fortune, of course, is in the regions of the bitterness. Probably the same as under the Soviet regime hated “snickering” Muscovites because Moscow was the sausage and even tangerines. And then there are, for example, such an outstanding region as the Altai region, in which the rate without surcharges is less than 7 000. That is, there is a premium monthly salary – 12 000-16 000. Moreover, the wage level in these regions is distributed I follows: for example, in the Kursk region suddenly pay almost as in Peter – almost 500 rubles per lesson.

What does it depend?

How the regional authorities decided to make the per capita ratio for each child. So, in Kursk region was suddenly sensible Governor, for example.

Unfortunately, all these questions are left to the decision of the regional authorities, and this situation – when the administration of the region decides on the issues of education – abnormal in itself.

Here’s another example: a few days in a small village near Yekaterinburg there is a very tough conflict situation due to the fact that the new head of the local administration dismissed the Directors of two schools. Foundation Directors sought to build a new school because the old building is almost eight hundred people. The parents and teachers have already reached the Governor. And it is unclear why the head of the local administration may, despite the decision of the village Assembly, to take and to make such decisions.

Is there anything in the teaching sphere, the problem of unemployment?

No everyone says that but really in small towns, a teacher has no problems to find a job because teachers are lacking. And if the teachers to pay good money, all graduates from teacher’s colleges rushed to school. And for eighteen hours per week a young person could really learn a profession, something to read, something to learn. Rate eighteen hours was coined in the mid 30-ies, and it was justified: the teacher gave the opportunity not only to sit in school, but also to think and study somehow and so on.

So it turns out that the teacher receives an acceptable or good money, if puts himself in a situation where he is overwhelmed and burn out.

– I always bring my favorite story from the early Strugatsky. There is an asteroid, which produce precious metal. There is not a good capitalist who pays big money to the workers, arriving from Earth, but they have terrible working conditions. For three years he operates, then they fly to Land and where statistically a couple of years to die. In such a situation, arrives the protagonist Strugatsky – ski, and begins to talk with the workers: “What are you? Because you exploited.” – “And we don’t care how we operate. We would have more money”. “You understand that you will die within a year.” “And it’s our own business”.

Teachers – and not only Moscow is now forced to hold this position. It is caused by the current political and economic situation.

Since the nineties people used that really a lot of work. And what is leisure and free time that free time is necessary to determine the level of welfare of the society, in people’s heads.

Now added to this is the rating system and grants, when they say: “if you jump on their hind legs, we you even more money”. For example, it is now all Moscow teachers are underpaid by $ 10,000 a month for participation in the experiment”, Moscow e-school” – despite the fact that many teachers say it’s complete nonsense that the development that is there, incompetent, despite the fact that parents worry due to the fact that these huge tablets hang includes a lesson in class, and nobody has proved that it is harmless for the eyes… But many teachers approach this from a position of healthy cynicism and you’ll get your 10 000, reasoning: turn on the mesh and we’ll be more to tell.

Photo: sch1429c.mskobr.ru

Similarly did in Soviet times: write what do Communist upbringing, and he’ll calmly with the children of the medieval poetry studied. After all, inspectors and 40 years ago were interested not in the essence, and beautiful statements. The teachers who agreed to play these games, do not understand that educational authorities will declare that the experiment is successfully completed, and circulate it to the whole country, the wild will allocate the budget for the computerization of schools and the remuneration of employees still will not be money.

The budget will increase, but wages will not change

As I understand it, next year is expected to increase the education budget?

Experts Ranepa recently made a forecast for the years 2019-2021. According to their findings, in 2019 it is expected a big increase in the Federal budget expenditures on education in 2020 and 2021-m – a gradual decline, but the money goes to the salaries of teachers, and for investment projects: construction, computerization and so on.

And one of the conclusions that they did that could be a situation where the city will stand new modern school and thus there will be no one to teach because of Finance wages continued to regional budgets, which have not become richer. And the result will be that all of these large billions that there the building, sports facilities, and electronic whiteboard, wasted.

But, many researchers consider the main problem of modern schooling – the level of deterioration of buildings: more than half of school buildings in Russia are in an emergency and pre-emergency status.

– Of course, it is logical to allocate money for construction of buildings, another would be to understand that you need to build buildings, not gleaming glass and concrete, and those in which it would be possible just to learn, but the money is still spent on the wages of those who will teach. I understand that from the point of view of investment is very profitable to invest in construction: there is a setbacks and so forth, with a salary not so tomanipulate.

All the time saying that we have bad teachers, they are poorly taught, they have a low level of education. But instead of talking about how teachers need to develop, you’d better have a good pedagogical education and I would allocate a lot of money.

In General, teachers need a proper, decent salary and stated in the Constitution and the law “On education” of academic freedom.

Ksenia Knorre Dmitrieva

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