Kiev students drew bullying and problems in families

In December 2018, the Kiev students took part in the campaign “World without violence of ochima ditey” (“a World without violence through children’s eyes”). About 800 thematic drawings entered for the competition, the jury selected the 14 best works. The award ceremony was held in the great hall of Kiev state administration. To support the participants came representatives of public organizations, pupils of children’s vocal schools, as well as the project “Superbook” and personally — the main character of the cartoon robot Robik.

The competition brought together young artists from 3 to 18 years, children from different schools and social circles. The main criterion for evaluating the work — themed, but the jury, which included professional artists and public figures, said many talented drawings.

“We evaluated the work according to specifications. First, the drawings were assessed for citizenship of the authors, their opinion, requests, activity. It is very good that we are talking today about those moral values that need to be observed by anyone. Without them it is very hard in society, commented on the selection of the jury Galina Kozlova – Director of the Kiev city center “Rodynnyi dim”, the organizer of the contest.
The drawings reflect what children see in the family, on the street and in schools. Most of the works address the difficulties in relations with parents and classmates, reveal the problem of school bullying. But also among them are those where bright colors displayed child-like faith that a world without aggression and violence are real.

“Children are pure, they convey all the emotions without hypocrisy. And looking at these pictures, you see the family relationships, what family is, what the kids want. They transfer it all from the heart, and it’s very interesting to see what the future holds for Ukraine”, — said one of the members of the jury Igor Fedorenko, Deputy of the Kyiv city Council of VII convocation.

“We were drawing together with the child. My daughter asked to paint our work in the form of prayers to God that if there are resentful children, so God definitely helped parents to get on the right path and that all the children were happy,” says Anna, a mother of one of the contestants.

“I think that today a lot more problems in a person’s life, family, children, than before. And so I think that today a school and a kindergarten, and the family and especially civil society should work with children to raise them in a tolerant spirit, in the spirit of understanding that there is another opinion that there are children who are different look at the world,” reflects Igor Turansky — Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, a veteran of the diplomatic service, social activist, co-organizer of the International cultural center “syayvo”, member of the jury.

This year the competition was held for the ninth time, and “Superbook” is also not the first time that supports young artists. In the series of the legendary cartoon says a lot about kindness, friendship, acceptance and love — based relationship, built on Christian values. If the kids want to live in a world without aggression, the heroes of the “Superbook” can show and teach you how to do it.

“We go to Church, and there it (the”Superbook”) show. She teaches good and that we believed in God. We watch cartoons and start doing as they (the cartoon characters)”, — says Yana, a participant of the contest.

“First, if you live by the laws of the Bible, you can do many miracles. God can convey a lot of different gifts to men,” muses aloud Slavik and immediately adds that kindness and friendship are also God’s gifts. This 7-year-old boy said that he had seen every episode of “Superbook”.

“A lot of episodes of this cartoon say about the proper relationship between parents and children, between children and children, — says Inna Cherepova, head of the project “Superbook” (CBN-Ukraine). “Superbook” is the tool, the array, which we use to teach children how to do the right thing — that is, as it should. And it just gives us a world without violence, who want to see our children” — hopefully she adds.
In 2018, tutorials, and cartoon “Superbook” received a stamp from the Ministry of education of Ukraine about the fact that this program can be used in educational institutions on the lessons of Christian ethics. I want to believe that these lessons will teach many children to build their future without violence and aggression on the basis of love, kindness and understanding.

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