Killed Samara pastors of the Church “World harvest”

On 7 August, a car accident killed Samara pastors of the Church “World harvest” Sergey and Nina Luchko. Their children the Glory and Yana, who was in the car with them, survived. The boy has fracture of the hip, and the girl, born with cerebral palsy, after two days in a coma recovering.

The family went to relatives in the South for summer vacation, — the press service rashwe. Their sympathy was expressed by the former senior pastor of the Church “World harvest”, is now taking pastoral care of four churches in Armenia, pastor of ovakim, Ghumashyan:

“Sergey for a long time was my assistant, who were faithful to God and Ministry. He treated the flock with care and concern so that during his Ministry the congregation has never expressed dissatisfaction or complaints.

After moving to Armenia, I left Samara Church under the auspices of pastors Sergey and Nina. They took responsibility and about a year faithfully served. I can confidently say that they made their contribution, work and love in community development. The Church was filled with the love, attention and care. As good parents they took care of and walked every parishioner, working with Church people individually. I can say that the congregation was very attached to this family.

They served as senior pastors for a year, but have done a lot. The Church continued to grow, many people repented and changed their lives. I thank God for Sergey, his wife and their Ministry. I’m sure heaven has gained a great treasure.”

Edition GOD. NEWS expresses deep condolences to the family.

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