Growing tensions with North Korea. The threat of Kim Jong-UN to attack us military installations in GUAM have forced Washington to prepare for battle. Earlier, the President trump promised to bring down the regime “fire and fury” if he will continue to pose threats. But now he calls these words “tough enough”.

President trump intensifies its rhetoric against North Korea, warning its leader on the inadmissibility of threats of an attack on U.S. territory — GUAM.

“If it has something to do with GUAM, then North Korea, then it is something that nobody has seen, reacts trump. Is not a challenge. This statement. He will no longer threaten GUAM. It will not threaten the United States. He would not threaten Japan. And he will not threaten South Korea.”

Last Thursday, at his Golf club in Bedminster, new Jersey, the President appealed to the journalists.

“He has shown great disrespect to our country. He says terrible things. But with me he’s not gonna get away with it. Him long it was out of my hands, to him and to his family members. But now he’s not gonna get away with it. Starts a completely different game,” said trump.

Fears were expressed that his threat of “fire and fury” sound too provocative. It is coming out of the building, trump said, maybe he had to speak even more harshly.

“So, someone thinks this statement too hard, I can honestly say that I find it hard enough” — he said.

Trump is not backing down, but does not say what will happen next. One reporter asked the question about a preemptive strike. The President replied that he did not discuss his plans: “We don’t talk about it. I never talk about it”.

But in North Korea you were marches in support of striking GUAM. In new Jersey, the President expressed last warning.

“That’s what I’ll say. North Korea must come down. Otherwise, she will be in trouble,” said Donald trump.

Trump again clearly States about its position. And although the US is still committed to diplomacy, the whole world is watching North Korea with its threats.

As the threat of Kim Jong-UN react, the people of GUAM? This tells Howard Merrell — acting President of the University “Pacific Islands”, a Christian institution in GUAM.

MHN: Mr. Merrell, the leaders of GUAM respond to this threat from the head of North Korea?

Howard Merrell:

Recently a statement was made by our Governor (Governor Calvo). I think he spoke for all of us here. People to remain calm. In the past they have seen wars and various upheavals, so they do everything pretty easily perceive.

MHN: How about Christian missionaries and other expatriates on GUAM? We discuss whether this is currently possible evacuation?

I have not heard. I am a member of a small mission in the United States, like some of the people I work with. We contacted our management and they advised us to just take reasonable precautions. And we tried to calm people in the US that we are fine.
I would say that you are in more danger when going home on the American highway than I am here on GUAM. By the way, my wife now just took a short vacation. In General, everything is as usual.

MHN: How it all reacts the Church? Heard any calls to prayer? Are you somehow of the Church in this situation?

Yes, for example, on Thursday I met with a couple of pastors on a single prayer meeting, which I try to visit. And we do some time praying about the situation in Korea and to neutralize those threats that arrive. On GUAM there are several denominations. This is a mostly Korean Church. Some of them conduct their worship in the Korean language. So all this has a much greater influence on them because most of them on the Korean Peninsula have families, friends, loved ones. But I think we have to consider the situation from the opposite side. Instead of all the attention to focus on the dangers that will probably never materializes, we ought to pray more about the safety of the citizens of North Korea who live under the repressive regime. As you know, there prevent the spread of the gospel. The missionaries imprisoned. Therefore, according to the second Chapter of the First Epistle to Timothy, we should pray for all that are in authority, so that people could live in peace and tranquility, and that the gospel could spread. So I think instead of focus on people under the so-called threat, we need to pray for the safety of those people who we know are suffering from the repressive regime in North Korea.

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