Kseniya Simonova made a video for the children’s hospice “House with a Lighthouse”

Master of sand animation, the Crimean artist Kseniya Simonova took the “sand” video for the children’s hospice “House of a Lighthouse” to support the hospice. Simon admits that for a long time watching the life of “the House with the lighthouse” on the Internet and always wanted something to be useful to him. In the shooting video Simonova and her team for the first time in the world used the technology of the animated sand-stained glass – in this technique made the ultimate saver.


Kseniya Simonova:

– Sand this video was filmed for an amazing organization that I truly admire. Frankly, I know about the hospice and when I was asked to shoot a video in support of it, was very happy. The fact that from the moment of my victory in the show “Ukraine has talents” I was involved in creating sand stories about seriously ill children and sometimes adults. All these things are known to me. And palliative medicine I think is very important and necessary. Somehow in our country we treat it as something optional – once the child can no longer be cured, we need to go further and to help those who can help. This, of course, is also correct. But the child live his life after he was recognized as incurable – is it not important? You know, I followed the fate of the characters my clips – most of them children with a history of cancer. And most of them unfortunately are no longer alive. Cancer is a terrible and merciless. Now, when the child was recognized as incurable and was sent for palliative therapy (ie, supportive care to end of life) – nothing over. On the contrary. Began something very real. How will the child live ostavshiesya life time, what will be the anesthetic, how will you support parents in this most difficult period of their lives – it’s all run by children’s hospice. Generally, “a house with a Lighthouse” is an amazing phenomenon. Without government assistance, on their own, with donations to start this unique mechanism – for me it’s a miracle! I really like one of the slogans of the children’s hospice: “Hospice is not about death, but about life.” I bow to all who work in the “House of a lighthouse”. Friends, please support the hospice. This is very simple. In the video it shows. Pleasant viewing!


Children’s hospice “the House with the lighthouse” is a private medical charity. It’s called “the House with the lighthouse,” because when the family of terminally ill child, it’s like a storm: the ground was slipping from under his feet, and the darkness around. The lighthouse provides a signal to the world is the place where to help cope with pain, there are friends and play with children and enjoy every day.

Hospital of the Children’s hospice is being built. With 2013 on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region operates a visiting service for palliative care. During the year an average of 800 children have benefited. About 27 thousand doctors, nurses, psychologists, play therapists, nurses, social workers and coordinators do at home to terminally ill children every year.

Children’s hospice cares about the quality of life of the sick child and the whole family. There do not treat the underlying disease or rehabilitation, but treat the symptoms and create the conditions so that the child and the whole family was able to live the fullest, active, normal life — at home, not in hospital. Children’s hospice is not just medical care. This is a game and fun holidays, holiday camps is to take care of brothers and sisters, moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. Hospice fulfills the dreams of children, giving respite to parents and supports the family and after the loss of a child. Children’s hospice is a comprehensive medical, social, psychological and spiritual help for the whole family.

Children’s hospice “the House with the lighthouse” exist on charitable donations.

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