“Larks are not born” – how to learn to get up early in 5 minutes

The publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” published a book by Hal Elrod and co-authors of “Magic mornings for the whole family.” The authors believe that an early start helps families with children to improve life, to do more to find time for yourself and children.

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How to become a morning person in 5 minutes

While you don’t believe me, I know: you can love up early in the morning, even if you never was no morning person. Now you probably thought that this may be true for early birds. But you already tried that. It’s just not your chronotype.

And yet it’s true. I passed through it myself. I used to Wake the children. I slept until the last second, until such time as they burst into the bedroom. And even after that it took me a while to finally Wake up and get out of bed.

The children were an alarm clock I could not turn off. I was dramaholic, as such people called Hal. I was afraid in the morning. I used to hate awakening, and now I really like this moment.

How I managed to rebuild? When people ask me about how I turned into a lark and in the process has radically changed my life, — I reply, that did it in five simple steps, one at a time. I know this seems impossible. But, believe me, the former dramaholic may and, of course, on the shoulder and you. You can use my method.

By the way, this is an extremely important setting about morning rise: change is possible.

Larks are not born, people are doing themselves such themselves — and you can too, and you do not need will power as Olympic marathoner.

I would argue that when an early rise will be not only actions, but also part of yourself, you really will love am. And then to Wake up you don’t have to make any effort, as it was with me.

I you still not convinced? Well, keep your skepticism and let me describe the five-stage process of change that has transformed my life. I suggest five easy ways to stop being dramaholic. Using them, waking up in the morning, even very early in the morning much easier. Without them, I was still awake (or asleep) from alarm call or alarm clocks. Worse, I still continued to whine, “I’m not a morning person”, and would have missed many good opportunities.

Difficulty in waking up

The transition to the early awakening is a bit like training toddlers to potty: thought about that don’t have to endlessly change diapers, enthralls, but very quickly realize that to teach a child to potty Oh so easy. For example, to avoid “accidents”, and when they happen, and a parent requires even more time and effort than changing diapers. In short, two days later, the enthusiasm is significantly reduced.

We all know what happens next. Good intentions are collapsing, and return the diapers, and we quite convincingly explain or justify the decision by saying that the baby is not yet ready to the pot, which, incidentally, may be true.

In such a situation it is easier to say, “Maybe tomorrow will be a more appropriate day to go to the potty,” but tomorrow turns into next week, month or year.

With morning the same thing happens. Now you might be highly motivated to change. But what happens tomorrow when the alarm clock rang?

Is it so strong will be your motivation when the annoying alarm or the cries of the child will pull out you from deep sleep? We all know very well, where is our motivation.

It merges into the toilet and replaced with logical arguments why you should not get up immediately.

Admittedly, we all are masters, capable of a few seconds to convince myself that it is possible to take a NAP for a few minutes. And in half an hour we frantically rush around the house, because I’m late for work, miss the bus, you’re late to live. Once again. And this is a very serious problem. Just when we most need motivation, in the first moments of a new day, we have her apparently less likely.

Thus, in the first place to increase motivation and to deal a decisive blow to the tendency to justify their laziness. This allows you to pass through described next five stages. Each step in this process is to increase “the level of motivation in the awakening” (UMP) is a name coined by Hal.

Initially, the UMP in the morning can be quite low, and therefore, at the moment when the alarm rings, you don’t want nothing but a little bit more sleep. This is normal. Using five steps, you will significantly increase UMP to such a degree, that on hearing the alarm, ready to jump out of bed and start a new day.

Five-minute strategy that will not allow you to fall asleep after the alarm
The first minute. Before going to sleep clearly specify your intent.

The first method to secure a easy lift — remember that the first thought in the morning, usually the last thought that went through your head before bedtime.

Can bet that some days you didn’t sleep because you couldn’t wait for awakening — for example, on Christmas eve, morning and night before a long-awaited vacation. At the first sound of the alarm clock you opened wide eyes, ready to jump out of bed and start a new, wonderful day. Why? Yes, because the last thought about tomorrow before going to sleep was extremely positive.

If before you sleep you think: “What a mess, I need to get up in six hours. Of course, I don’t get some sleep and in the morning I’m completely overwhelmed!” then when you call the alarm in your head, most likely, will come: “Oh, God, is it that time already? Not-e-et! I want to sleep!”

Thus, the first step is making a decision every night to actively and mindfully create a positive expectation of the next morning. Mode and the ritual of bedtime is extremely important not only for children, adults also derive considerable benefit from a dedicated laying myself to sleep. <…>

The second minute. Set the alarm away from the bed.

If you haven’t already done so, set the alarm clock in the far corner of the bedroom to hear the signal, you had to get up and make myself move. Movement gives energy, and when you get out of bed, to chase a dream much easier.

If the alarm clock next to my bed, then after it works, you are still partially remain in a sleep state and you are much harder to Wake up. You press the snooze button without even realizing what you’re doing! And quite often we have had great success convince ourselves that the call we just had. Believe me, this happens with many.

Forcing yourself to get up to turn the alarm off, you greatly increase the UMP. However, after that you most likely still will want to sleep, so do the following:

Minute third. Brush your teeth.

Getting out of bed and turning off alarm clock, go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth. And certainly splash on the face a couple of handfuls of water. This simple action will increase the UMP even more. After freshen your mouth, it’s time to take the next step.

Minute of the fourth. Drink a glass of water.

It is extremely important every morning the first thing is to replenish water in the body. After six to eight hours of sleep the body is dehydrated, and this causes fatigue. Quite often, if one feels tired at any time of the day, he needs to drink water and to rest.

So, take a glass or bottle of water — for example, we pour water the night before, that morning it was at hand, and drink it as soon as possible, of course, without causing yourself discomfort.

The goal of this action is to quickly replenish the body’s water reserves, which he lost during sleep. By the way, you will soon notice that your skin is freshened and were normal weight. Agree, not a bad effect from drinking in the morning glass of water!

A glass of water will raise the UMP one more step, and then move on to the fifth, the last stage.

Minute fifth. Get dressed or take a shower.

Here you have a choice. You can dress in sports clothes and be ready to leave the bedroom and begin to practice “perfect morning”. You can put the clothes beside the bed before going to sleep or even sleep in it. Yes, you heard right. For busy parents preparing the night before is especially important because it helps to go to class. And, you can make the preparation part of the ritual of sleep for children so that they have developed such a useful habit.

Or first you can go into the shower. I usually choose the first method, because I need a shower after exercising, but many people prefer to sprinkle with water: it helps them to Wake up and gives a feeling of freshness. Take your pick.

Whatever you chose, after all five steps of UMP is sure to be high and you don’t need huge amounts of willpower and discipline to fully Wake up and prepare for the “Wonderful morning”.

If you tried to practice immediately after the alarm, when UMP is virtually zero, you would be much more difficult to make the right decision. These five steps allow, so to speak, rapidly, giving you just a few minutes to become wide awake and ready to go, and not feel fatigue and drowsiness.

You never have to after the first five minutes spent in the manner described above, I decided to go back to bed. And, more importantly, if I got up and started my morning consciously and intentionally, it’s much easier to maintain this attitude throughout the day.

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