Law No. 4128 will create “anarchy” in the registration of communities, head of legal Department of the UOC

The head of the Legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov

Raider bill No. 4128-d creates a new body under the Ministry of culture with the uncontrolled system of registration of religious organizations.


The Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No. 4128 significantly different from the previous version, said the Head of the Legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov in an interview with the educational Department of the UOC.

The head of Legal Affairs recalled that the first version of the draft law No. 4128 was intended to help religious communities the mechanism of the change of command and consisted of only two paragraphs. However, one day, this version of the draft law was revised and increased to eight pages.

He explained that the adopted draft law No. 4128-d is significantly different from the first option (of the law No. 4128) and regulates not only the issues of definition of subordination, but the state registration and the creation of a new body under the Ministry of culture, which will register the statutes of religious organizations.

“It is proposed to make amendments to the Law “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations” and the Law “On state registration of legal entities and physical persons — entrepreneurs and community groups”. In fact, thus, created the “anarchic” system of registration of religious organizations, because the registrars at the Ministry of justice acted in accordance with the relevant norms, and new registrars – haphazard and uncontrolled activity”, Law No. 4128 will create “anarchy” in the registration of communities, head of legal Department of the UOC explained the priest.

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FR stressed that the Ministry of culture prejudiced against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as evidenced by the decision of the court of 5.06.2018 g. about unlawful actions of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine concerning the registration of religious communities of the UOC.

“We see that, under the guise of supposedly good purpose “to facilitate religious organizations to change their subordination”, they really complicated the procedure of registration of the Charter of religious organizations and granted the authority to register religious organizations politicized Ministry of culture”, – said the head of the Legal Department.

Therefore, in his opinion, it is possible that communities of the UOC will have problems with the registration statutes.

He also believes that the law to trigger mass re-registration of charters of all religious organizations: “over the years religious organizations have to bring their statutes into conformity with this law. In that case, if certain provisions in the challenged statutes, the statutes will be void. That is, those provisions that regulate the internal activities of religious communities, under this act, shall be deemed null and void.”

As for the transitions community to another denomination, the religious community, which changes religious affiliation, must report it to the Ministry of culture or regional state administration, and those post that kind of information.

The priest explained: “Lawfully present “transitions in ptsu” religious communities cannot be carried out because the DNC doesn’t exist legally, so by the so-called “information fixation” of the community alleged claim about changing their affiliation, but in fact is simply impossible to do”. But because, in his opinion, the bill focused solely on “the content of one religious community at the expense of another”.

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As reported by the SPM, 17 January 2019, the Verkhovna Rada at the second attempt adopted the law No. 4128, a bill “On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations” (regarding the changes in religious communities of subordination).”

Bill No. 4128 was passed with gross violations of the rules of Parliament, and the speaker ignored the request of deputies to hear the opinion of the Council of Churches.

The adopted law suit only one denomination – the DNC, and only need one person – Poroshenko said the people’s Deputy Vadim Novinsky.

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