Lawyer: Rumors of stolen Pochaiv Lavra pictures fake

These results account for the assets of the Pochaev Lavra won’t be ready until the end of December 2018, said the head of the audit Commission

The representative of the Commission, which inspected the Pochaev Lavra, and advocate of the monastery unanimously denied rumors about the disappearance of cultural-historical values.

December 7, 2018 in the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra denied vekovoy news about the disappearance of paintings that “Most People Ternopil – Self-defense Maidan” posted on Facebook. Members of the “Samooborona” argued that the audit Commission allegedly established fact that loss of the 19 paintings, the list of which was published by the representatives of the “Samooborony Maidan.” They appealed to prestavitel UAS in the Ternopil region and the police and Prosecutor’s office with a request to initiate upon a short criminal case.

The correspondent of the SPM asked for comments to the counsel of the Holy Dormition Lavra Posavskog Ilya Serafimovo.

The lawyer said that about any missing say no, because the inspection laurels suspended due to the unpreparedness of members of the audit Committee.

“Came without any document which would confirm that a particular painting is public property and that this picture is missing on the territory of the monastery,” explained Seraphim.

In the list, which was based during the audit the representatives of the state, contained only the names of the paintings and icons of the century, belong to these works of art, said the lawyer. He stressed that no photos “exhibits” or detailed descriptions was not that much difficult to check.

Press Secretary to the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, hieromonk Gabriel also commented on the SPM for the situation. According to him, the list of cultural values is very strange: it is less than 60 positions at the same time in the Holy Dormition Cathedral is located about 50 works of art, having cultural-historical value. It is unclear why chose only some of the works, and what guided the selection of those “exhibits”, which are subject to audit, said hieromonk Gabriel.

The head of the special Ministerial Commission Igor derevinsky also denied the rumors about the disappearance of paintings from the monastery in Pochaev.

“No reason to say that something is missing or some works disappeared – no!”, – has transferred words of Derevinsky “Old”. – “In its work the Commission is guided by the list, which was compiled in the Soviet era in 1967. Since Ukraine’s independence nobody has checked the availability of the icons, paintings and other works of art. At a time when the Lavra complex passed from Kremenecko-Pochayiv state historic and architectural reserve the monks of the unified list of monuments was not. Acts will take the transmission structures and values not to do that.”

So now the members of the Commission find in the archives, which “exhibits” reserve takes into account and explained by the head of the audit Commission.

“Only after will be composed of the exact full list of works of art that should be in the monastery, the Commission repeatedly coming to inspect their condition,” he added.

According to the Derevinsky, the results of an audit of assets of the Pochaev Lavra will be only at the end of December.

Until that time, the head of the audit Commission asks not to make any unfounded and unsubstantiated claims.

We will remind, earlier media has published a variety of fake the Holy Dormition Pochaev Lavra, with the result that the brethren of the monastery appealed to journalists asking them “to stop fighting with the Truth and remember the judgment of God.” The majority of fakes touched an imaginary danger for the monastery of the Russian Federation, in connection with which the representatives of the media wrote about the urgent need to protect the Pochaev Lavra “from the encroachments of the Russian Church”.

The appogey of such events was the request of the deputies from “Blok Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity”” to interior Minister Arsen Avakov to ensure the protection of public order of the Pochayiv Lavra introduced to forces of National guard of Ukraine.

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