Lawyer UOC: Declaration of resistance to oppression – the response of people to the government pressure

The head of the Legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov

The emergence of the “Declaration of resistance to oppression” is a manifestation of civil society’s position, said the Archpriest Alexander bakhov.

Believers of Ukraine have the right to Express their opinion about the unconstitutional policy of the authorities aimed against the Church, gave a review of the head of the Legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Alexander Behova about that “Declaration against oppression” “Glasnosti”.

According to Archpriest Alexander, this initiative was a response of the people of Ukraine on the oppression of the Church by the authorities.

“This is a manifestation of civil society. Believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are part of this civil society. And in light of the threat of elimination of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in light of the seizure of the temples, when the bishops and clergy under pressure, the believers of the UOC have the right to form and Express their opinions regarding these events”, — said the lawyer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

As reported earlier, the SPM, the network has begun collecting signatures for “Declaration of resistance to oppression”, which every Ukrainian can declare his disagreement with the actions of the authorities against the Church and to speak out in defense of the UOC.

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