“Left the house in daddy’s Slippers and disappeared” – the end of summer the search for the missing children

July 31 was one of the worst days in the history of the group “Lisa Alert”: tragically ended the search for two children in different regions – Belgorod and Lipetsk region.

Almost every case of missing child is the occasion for a conversation about why this happened and how this situation could have been avoided. So before you parse the July searches several search and rescue unit “Lisa Alert” – alas, with a different ending. Conclusions in each case are obvious.

In the village of Urazovo in the Belgorod region in the night from 30 to 31 July was looking for a nine-year-old Karina, who didn’t come home in the evening. Looking, as always in such cases, large-scale, notification, posting orientations and a thorough inspection of the area police forces, the investigative Committee, MOE, “Lisa Alert”, local citizens, with the help of the local administration, which has created all the conditions for conducting the search.

Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen. It is a monstrous story for a small town and our Belgorod squad is a shock, because for them this is the first dead child in their area. The case deals with the investigative Committee detained a suspect in the rape and murder of the girl, who has already given grateful evidences.

Left the house wearing daddy’s Slippers and disappeared

A few more cases – “classic”, surely some of the adults recognize themselves or remember similar stories from children’s literature: the girl of 12 years left the camp, leaving behind a note, and after a very nervous for the parents and the administration of the camp, time was found for relatives, and two boys 5 years, he escaped from the garden and they came home. Children leaving institutions at different ages and for different reasons, and this situation is a good occasion for parents to understand what’s really going on in this establishment. But there may be other motives, especially in adolescents.

Most applications with the words “mom turned away for a few minutes, and the child has no” ends with a succinct and beautiful “found alive”, “found”, “returned he,” and we have them in July – many: adult distracted in the store, on the Playground, in the Park, on the street. But sometimes these searches end badly. And most often this occurs when adults “turned away” at the beach. On the last day of July we ended the search in Yelets – unfortunately, as expected, although we hoped until the last minute that a child somewhere in the city and has been associated with this version…

Application, thank God, with a happy ending: the baby is three years old came with mother to the father to the pasture, the mother left the child with him, and dad sent him after the mother – they say, catch up.

Home child never came, and your mom met. Found it, but… five kilometers from the scene of the loss!

Another search, perevolnovalis the entire South-West of Moscow, – lost 11-the summer boy who came out of the house in the evening in dad’s Slippers and disappeared. Information about the missing child was reposted by regional groups in social networks, went through the SMS e-mail “Beeline” the search “Lisa Alert”, and thus to look for the boy came out with an unprecedented urban search number of people – 160. Were families out with the words “how can I stay home when a child is missing”, actively called the police and the hotline of the unit with the evidence, and called adults, children, grandparents – more than a day a huge number of caring people, the boy was looking.

Because the situation was not similar to escape from home, worked through many versions, including and heard from peers of the boy the information that now the Internet is a game – to leave home and survive in the city day. And found late in the evening of 26 July, of the Stupinsky district, a woman called who met the baby and held him until the police arrived. The boy decided to walk to grandma’s Day, but got lost.

The family took the girl, whose house “all bad”

Another July search successfully ended that one family “found” the girl reported missing the day before, and sheltered her. It would seem that it’s time to call the police, call us. But the girl said that home she bad and “found” her family began to search for recommendations via the Internet – what to do to not return the child to the home, while not turning to the police.

When all the same information that the child they have already been to the police and the child was taken away, who found family – of course, the best of intentions – beginning through intermediaries to take an active part in the fate of the child. In particular, social media posted photos of the child with his (unproven) stories about what is happening at home, and with all your personal data, but to do so, absolutely not! Any this kind of complex story, so if you decide to participate, should first be addressed with the involvement of professionals – in this case the police, inspectors on minors ‘ Affairs, guardianship authorities, the Ombudsperson institution children’s rights.

To predict the consequences of placing information in social networks is extremely difficult, and they can be very different – for those who “rescues” the child by publishing this, and for the family of the child, not to mention himself. In addition, not always is the information directly from the child, reliable – for a variety of reasons he may speak the truth, and not knowing all the circumstances, to rush to save the child using social networking, imprudent and harmful.

Don’t pass it by if later in the evening see the child in the street

Dear adults, search and rescue unit “Lisa Alert” is asking you from time to time repeat with the child safety rules, play them with him, say, when you go, for example, in the forest (“what would you do if you get lost?”): lost – stay where you are, never go with a stranger, you have something to offer or something asks you not to go near the water without an adult.

We again want to remind you about the saving power of human indifference, do not pass by, if you at 10 PM I see on the street baby!

Stop, ask him if he’s okay, if they need help and call the police. And to take the child home and keep it there without informing the police because you are worried, for example, that the child or his family may be in trouble – very imprudent, and ultimately, hospitality is you can go sideways.

Closely related to the fact that in the summer children more often and spend more time on the street unattended, thereby increasing the statistics of accidents with their participation. If you see a child who needs help, do it: stay with it, calm, enlist other adults to help, call the police, but will not take away the child and not hurt him.

There is still a whole month of holidays, and may it be filled with only joyful events for you and your child.

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