Most eclipses, by the way, completely unnoticed, because, occur over the ocean. But this time millions of people on the continent will be able to observe this rare astronomical phenomenon. A total solar Eclipse will occur in the sky over North America on August 21, 2017 This is a rare phenomenon first seen in Oregon and then in about half an hour and crosses the whole country and will end in South Carolina. For the rest of the country it will be possible to observe a partial Eclipse, as well as in Canada, Central America and partially in South.
Dr. Hugh Ross, clergyman and astronomer. It works with other such believers scientists in the organization “Reasons to believe”. Today Dr. Ross will tell you more about our amazing Universe.

MHN: so during the upcoming Eclipse, of course, all eyes will be drawn to the moon. What is so amazing in the moon, how God created it and where he placed?

Dr. Hugh Ross — clergyman and astronomer:
It’s not just a normal Eclipse. This is the perfect Eclipse — in the sense that the disk of the moon will be the same size as the disk of the sun in the sky. It will completely cover the sun’s disk. This means that you can see the sights and crown. And you’ll see the stars that are close to the Sun.
The sun is much larger than the moon, but the Moon is much closer to the Ground. The Moon spirals away from the Earth. How amazing that we humans on planet Earth, at a certain time can see a perfect solar Eclipse.

MHN: they All come with high precision. How people can deny the existence of God, when it is so clear that the universe is structured in such a surprising manner, with such precision?

What is surprising is that a solar Eclipse is moving like a hand. Surely, there must be a God who created the Universe.

In 1916, albert Einstein officially presented his General theory of relativity, which suggested that the Universe had a beginning. But many people doubted it. However, he also predicted: “If my theory is correct, then gravity will bend the sun’s rays lit the stars that are in his way.”

And then, in 1919, British astronomer Arthur Eddington organized an expedition to Brazil to explore the Eclipse and proved Einstein was right.

MHN: what about the milky Way? It is something mysterious. That the milky Way tells us about God?

Well, “the heavens declare the glory of God.” But if you live in a big city, you can see about a hundred stars at night.

By the way, we’re going to go with a group in Eastern Oregon, directly into the path of the Eclipse. We chose this place because there is a very dark sky. And we’re going to organize a star party! We are going to show people the wonders of heaven and how literally the whole universe was arranged by God so that only one planet was able to live. Then we’re going to read a series of lectures about how a solar Eclipse to prove the existence of God in the Universe. On the website you can learn more about it, but I warn you: we have a very long waiting list.

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