In the UK political correctness often drowns out the gospel, but a Christian journalist decided to deal with it. He launched a campaign for spreading the words of Jesus literally all over London.

Founder of the Christian broadcasting network in the UK has found a unique way to spread famous quotes Jesus ‘ demonstration of their buses across London. Howard Conder of “Revelation TV” tells how God gave him a vision of this campaign

“The Lord very clearly spoke to me and told me to place the words of Jesus on the buses in London. We have created a website, found a bus and now we are having already a second campaign,” says Howard Conder.

Conder began his career as a musician, and says that now, he thinks, God uses his previous skills of self-promotion to “promote” Jesus. He says it in the video, posted on the website

“I was personally confronted with how actively promoted on the market bands and performers. Then, becoming a Christian, I look at it in a new light. And then all that energy and drive I began to steer in a different direction to achieve more important goals, not for me,” he says.

Conder said that he had to overcome many challenges to start the campaign, which, in his opinion, will affect many thousands of lives.

“London is visited by 17.5 million people. And still live in it 8-9 million. Not to mention those who regularly come to him for work. Every day half a million or more people. That’s how many people, at least sometimes, even briefly, will see these Scriptures, these quotes. Look, here’s one of them: “you Will be with Me in Paradise” — explains his idea of Howard Conder.

So what’s next for this unique evangelistic project in the future?

“I believe that in the future quotejesus will spread not only in London but throughout the country. And maybe will be released on a global level. What? After all, now millions of Christians that can easily learn from our experience. And I mean not only buses, but other methods of conveying Jesus ‘ words to our generation,” he says.

Today, when in the UK political correctness often drowns out the voice of Christians, there is hope that this public demonstration of Jesus ‘ words will help many people to step on your personal journey to faith in Christ.

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