Looted and desecrated the temple in Odessa


Another crime against the temple of the Odessa diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church committed on the night of June 28, 2018. Robbery and desecration was done the Church in honor of Donskoi icon of the Mother of God in the West cemetery in Odessa, informs a portal “Orthodox life” with reference to Eparhiya.od.ua.

A group of attackers from four people entered in this iconic building broke open the window shutters and smashing a window.

“The attackers triggered off an audible alarm and damaged the block with CCTV cameras. Dropping and smashing ornaments, scoffer began to force collectors, which gather resources for the construction of the first Ukrainian Orthodox hospice for cancer patients “Cover” – it is told in the message.


The robbers left the scene, fearing the guard of the cemetery, which came to sound the alarm.

The police recorded the offence and made the data in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

Over the past few years, the desecration and robbery was subjected to more than 50 churches of the Odessa diocese of UPTS. None of these crimes have not been solved.

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