Lyashko: the Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church could only be Filaret

The report of fraction of Radical party Lyashko.

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko believes that to lead a new Church in Ukraine can only be one person – the “Patriarch” Filaret.

The politician said this on December 3, at the time of the report of the faction, reported on the official website of RPL.

During his speech, Lyashko said that his team initiated the appeal of Parliament to the Ecumenical Patriarch on the granting of the Tomos of autocephaly. He also spoke about what spoke with the “Patriarch” Filaret, when he congratulated him on the decision of the Synod of Constantinople.

“I said to him: “Your Holiness, most of all, I’m glad you lived to see the time when justice is done,” shared the radical. Perhaps it was not very diplomatic, but it was very sincere, because Patriarch Filaret for many years. Of them 30 years he fought and argued that the Ukrainian state should have the Ukrainian Church, and the Ukrainians have the right to pray in their native language in the Ukrainian Church. For this he was called the Antichrist, imposed anathema.”

Lyashko believes that the “Patriarch” Filaret is the only person who deserves to lead the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church.

“This is unfair, when for the truth you call and humiliated. Patriarch Filaret went through it all. When he spat in the face and in the back – he survived. And thank God that he lived to the time of justice, when the decision on granting of the Tomos of autocephaly. And I have no doubt that the Primate of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church could only be one man – the Patriarch”, – said Lyashko.

As reported by the SPM, earlier in the network appeared the text of a letter of Philaret Denisenko, which he agrees to withdraw his candidacy from the elections of the head of the Local Church in Ukraine. The speaker of the UOC-KP yevstratiy Zorya reported that members of the “Council” can offer Filaret to become a candidate. Filaret himself confirmed that he no longer claims to supremacy in the EOC

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