Magadan finishes Federal action “Smile, Your mom chose life!”


14 July 2018, in Magadan will host the final of the nationwide campaign “Smile, Your mom chose life!” the outcome of which was far East of our country fail acting Magadan oblast Governor Sergey Nosov and the Bishop of Magadan and Sinegorsk John, and the regional movement “Kolyma For Life”, reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media.

An unusual event was launched on 14 October 2017 in the ancient town of Murom and lasted for 9 months. The campaign in more than 60 cities in all eight Federal districts of the Russian Federation and the Crimean Peninsula were creative educational activities focused on the prevention of artificial interruption of pregnancy. The promoter is all-Russian public movement “For life!”. The aim of the campaign is to show that birth into the light is preceded by a lot of very important events in the life of every person, and the beginning of life — conception.

“A rolling symbol of the campaign is Russian folk and beloved toys — doll, representing a woman “in the family way” and her growing child. The author shares the Hope Cheremushkin, held a rally in Moscow region, and now the action picked up and already the whole country”, — said the coordinator of the all-Russian movement “For life!” Sergei Chesnokov.

In Magadan to visit the diocesan humanitarian center and get acquainted with the ongoing work of the regional public organization “Kolyma For Life”, dedicated to the prevention of artificial abortions and support pregnant women in crisis. Representatives of the authorities and the Church will discuss with the social forms of cooperation in matters of stabilization of the demographic situation in the region, as well as give maternity kits for wards of the organization.

“For 2.5 years managed to turn the tide of abortion, number of births now exceeds the number of abortions, says the Archbishop of Magadan and Sinegorsk John, this has been achieved thanks to the joint work of the Magadan diocese, and of the public movement “Kolyma For Life.”

Specifically for the project masters of the Nizhny Novgorod region has produced nine original dolls with the image of a joyful mom, expecting a baby. The smallest of the dolls, symbolizing the mother in the first month of pregnancy, began its journey in the Central Federal district, and will finish the action of the largest Russian doll in the Russian far East, where all nine dolls will come together.

Another creative solution of the campaign is the beans of Lima, which the size corresponds to the child on the seventh week of pregnancy. Beans are glued on the image a child of this age, visualizing a little man, living under my mother’s heart. These beans volunteers handed out to people, offering to think and to smile — because their moms chose life and not murder. Also the participating cities doing one letter from the title of the campaign “Smile, Your mom chose life!” the photo with the letters will be combined into a final collage.

Over the last 2.5 years of work of the organization “Kolyma For Life” was held 35 lectures for the audience of more than 2,000 people, schools are more than 50 awareness-raising stands for the year of humanitarian clothing warehouse and food aid received more than 3,000 needy. With the support of the Charity program of assistance to pregnant crisis “Save the life” in Magadan managed to rescue 143 of the baby.

Such centers maternity protection, which provides comprehensive care crisis for pregnant women, exist throughout Russia. On the website implemented by the movement “For life!” charity program “Save the life” submitted by 409 of such organizations. During the entire period of existence thanks to the program “Save the life” were saved 9041 children.

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