Magic squirrel: photographer for 6 years making fabulous pictures on your private balcony

Six years ago the Swedish photographer Gert Weggen to the balcony came the squirrels. So the balcony turned into a Studio, and animals – heroes of fairy pictures.

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“6 years ago on my doorstep, was a Fox, and I immediately ran for the pieces of meat for her. Fox returned each day to get a new batch of food, and I used the opportunity to take some photos.

By the end of the second week the Fox began to come to my balcony, where he kept all sorts of things for photos, and began to interact with them. Shortly onto my balcony every day began to look a bird.

Suddenly my balcony turned into a Studio, filled with natural props, cameras, mirrors, etc. the Bird followed me and I followed her with camera when she was looking for food in scenes that I created.

Finally, there were red squirrels that still come daily to my Studio. I didn’t know then that this would be my life.”


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