Manager of UOC: Our good works is a meeting with Christ

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanych), Manager of UOC

All of our good deeds – saving thread, which can help us at the crucial moment, reminded Bishop Anthony.

The good deeds must first ourselves, because thanks to the good deeds scale on the day of judgment could tip the scales in our favor, said managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) in interview the Internet-to the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”.

Metropolitan Anthony warned that every good endeavor, is necessarily accompanied by temptations and trials, which should not stop a person.

“Our good deeds is a meeting with Christ. And all disturbances have only strengthen us in the desire a long-awaited meeting. Don’t be afraid to do good, beautiful, noble deeds, they decorate our life, make it richer and happier. So, step by step we will get closer to God, filled with His power, love and grace” – called Metropolitan Anthony.

If coming to the temple the man realized that he had come to meet Christ, all the difficulties on the path to God had faded before the scale of this event.

Archbishop Anthony also shared earlier that the lack of compassion, sensitivity and responsiveness destroys the identity of the person. “Once we see the light, to uncover sinful dressing – and we will have a beautiful world never seen previously. So begins our life in God. And then we tight compress His hand and trust His leadership. And He will lead us in the fragrant herbs and lovely hills of our lives to the inviting horizons of eternal life. And we even do not need to select more. The choice to be with Him,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

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