The English inhabitants of Manchester are mourning the loss of 22 people in the Wake of the horrific terrorist attack that occurred on may 23. The terrorist detonated the bomb when the audience, most of them girls, left the lobby of the stadium after the concert. The suicide bomber was a native of Britain, but of Libyan origin. Police arrested his father and two brothers in Libya, and several other suspects in Manchester. “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, residents of Manchester are showing love and support to the victims. And despite the increased level of terrorist threat, thousands of people gathered together to mourn, to pray and to mourn the victims of the terrorist attack. Manchester is known as a lively town with a strong Church community. Pastor Anthony Delaney says that the Church will serve those who are suffering.

“What will the Church in Manchester? All the same, as always. We’re going to tell people that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life; that is love in heaven, where written the name of each person from out of town. In the Psalms it says: “the Lord is Close to broken hearts”, and we will continue to live with the name of Jesus, try to be around people, to be open to help them, acting like the good Samaritan and Jesus. We will go to the needy, trying to help them as best as possible. And if we are not able to help them, then we just pray,” says pastor Anthony Delaney.

This tragedy responded and the Evangelical Association of Billy Graham by Manchester chaplains of their quick response teams to serve the citizens.

About the answer of these and other Ministers of the Church bombings in Manchester you can find out more on our website

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