Media published a draft of the Charter of the DNC adopted at the “unification Council”

A meeting of the “unification Council”

According to the project, the main authority established in “unification Council” of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will be the local Council.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine will receive the status of an Autocephalous after the presentation of the Tomos from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and will be managed in accordance with the Tomos and the Charter. This is referred to in the draft Charter, published by RBC-Ukraine.

As reports the edition, this version of the Charter gave the member of the “unification Council”, which argues that the text finally approved.

According to the document, the main authority in the new Church is the local Cathedral. He should regularly be convened by the Metropolitan of Kiev and regular (annual) Synod every five years. The local Council may in an order to convene the head of the DNC.

The powers of the authority include the election of the Metropolitan of Kiev on representation of the Synod of bishops: a quorum of 2/3 of the members, decisions are taken by simple majority.

“The Council of bishops has the authority to establish a new diocese, to liquidate or to merge old as well as to define the boundaries of the Episcopal areas. He may maintain a list of those eligible to be elected a Bishop. Only the Council of bishops may impose an anathema on all members of the Church,” the document reads.

The bill provides that the permanent Holy Synod consists of the Chairman (Metropolitan of Kiev) and twelve diocesan bishops: half of the Synod are elected every six months, and cadence of a member of the Synod is 1 year.

It also indicates that any priest defrocked, convicted of his ecclesiastical authority for any punishment may appeal to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

The document States that the members of the DNC are all Orthodox Christians of Ukraine. The parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox descent in the Diaspora are subject to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

December 15 was held the “unification Council”, which the head of the new Church structure was chosen protege Filaret “Metropolitan” Epiphany. Later, Patriarch Bartholomew invited Epiphanius to concelebration of the Liturgy at the Phanar, and providing him with Thomas. In the UOC, said that after the “unification Council” dissenters left the dissenters, and the Church the Church.

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