“Meeting place — Jerusalem”, № 49, from 14.12.18 G.

In this program:

1) a New wave of terror: the heart of biblical Israel, there have been many terrorist attacks, has died.

2) Tunnels Hezbollah: Netanyahu met with foreign journalists. In his opinion, the world community should know that Israel is not only fighting terrorism at home, but also helps the rest of the world.

3) Death in a Holy place: sappers defused a half thousand mines in the district, which is considered the place of Jesus ‘ baptism.

4) a Big goal Chaim Silberstein: the man who lost a grandson during the terrorist attacks, created the organization “Save Jerusalem”, is dedicated to ensuring that the city remained United.

5) the Friendship of pastor and the Rabbi: the community of “Christians for Israel” (more than 4 million members) appeared 40 years ago, when the pastor Hegi decided to honor the Jewish community and to Israel.

6) the Story of a Christmas hit as it became the popular song “o Holy night”.

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