“Meeting place – Jerusalem”, No. 53, from 18.01.19

In this program:

1) In Syria, a suicide bomber killed 19 people, including four U.S. servicemen. The attack provoked a different appeal to the President to Trump about his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria.

2) After the U.S. decision to withdraw troops from the North-East of Syria, the struggle for influence between the two countries. Who now will control the strategically important territory in the middle East?

3) the Preachers of anti-Semitism: the world Council of churches sends thousands of volunteers to Israel and the West Bank. Why their work is rather negative?

4) Israel — the good neighbor: the Israel defense forces helped the Syrians have become hostages of the civil war.

5) “Who will write our history”: a film by Nancy Spielberg will remind you of the heroic confrontation of the unknown Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second world war.

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